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Reviews for Perpetuam Memoriam

marilyn 2010.07.09 - 08:37AM 1: Perpetuam Memoriam Signed
I know you said, if you dont like it, dont read it. Still i have to say that the pairing of Snape and Dumbledore is really creepy. I guess Snape himself would vomit at the mere thought of it. Nice writing though. Just next time take someone else.

LogicalQuirk 2007.10.21 - 06:51PM 1: Perpetuam Memoriam Signed
When I heard about JKR's 'outing' of Dumbledore today I couldn't help but think of you! This is a very sweet hurt/comfort fic; I thought you interwove Dumbledore's past memories of Snape well with the narrative in the present. I must say that I assume it was Dumbledore crying in the "Always" scene - it seems very out of character for Snape, but we see Dumbledore get emotional at references of love and loyalty a couple of other times (such as Harry's remark about being "Dumbledore's man"). Anyway, slash or not, the dynamic between these two is fascinating :)

Author's Response: You thought of me?! Squeeee! *hugs* Glad you enjoyed the story. I'm over-the-moon delighted with JKR's 'outing' of Dumbledore; it makes him infinitely more fascinating and human, and I'm really proud of her for this. I just ache for Dumbledore now--he's just as tragic as Snape (adding more fuel to my AD/SS fire!).... I'll never let this ship go now! :)

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