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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Ellyn 2007.09.19 - 01:21PM 29: Claret Signed
So what's in the letter? A prompt to make a decision? An invitation to be wined and wooed at Gash Hall? Can't wait to find out!

greenwood 2007.09.17 - 11:53PM 29: Claret Anonymous
So glad to see a new chapter up for this story since is was getting so good. I hope you give us another one soon.

Nadrek 2007.09.07 - 08:22AM 29: Claret Signed
Well, they know they're on the same page now, which is good. Now they get to learn to live with being on that particular page.

Trickie Woo 2007.09.07 - 01:42AM 29: Claret Signed
Yes, he does love her and I'm sure he knows it even if he won't admit it to himself or to her. She feels the same way about him and has the same reaction, except I think she has admitted it to herself. The Hell with a teenage bride like Princilla even is she is infinitely wealthy, he'd never be happy with her. He has met his sexual match in Jane and they have surrendered themselves to each other in every way except for making an open admission to each other. I think they are already totally addicted to each other and they won't be able to give up that addiction. In other words they love and are completely in love with each other. On another note, I am leaving Sunday for 3 weeks in England and Ireland. I won't have access to a computer for most of that time, so I hope that when I come back I'll have several new chapters to settle down and enjoy because I'm having eye surgery a week after we return and the doctor told me I will have to stay out of bright lights and away from my computer's screen for a week to 10 days. I'll only have seven days to catch up on Snape/OC and Snape /any canon adult female except Hermione fan fic before I fall behind again, not to mention my email.

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