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Reviews for Yes, Severus

DeadlyDonkey 2011.08.06 - 12:46PM 1: Yes, Severus Signed
That was perfect. Each chapter was like it's own sub genre, short and sexy tantalising tasters. Also your oc was well written and the writing itself was wonderful. Descriptive, but not overly so.

MystikChick 2009.12.19 - 03:38AM 5: Master Severus Signed
Most excellent.

tangerine dream 2009.08.03 - 06:43PM 5: Master Severus Signed
Wow! Even more hot than the other chapters! A truly wonderfull story!! A very sexy Severus!!

tangerine dream 2009.08.03 - 06:22PM 4: Beauty Signed
Very hot & erotic!! All 4 chapters could easily stand on their own, but they work well together too! I do wish you had continued with this story!

EverMystique 2008.04.05 - 05:35PM 5: Master Severus Signed
It's difficult to review after reading through this story. *wipes sweat from brow* D/S has always been intriguing, but man! Making Lucius submissive twice over, Draco once, Snape in control and so good at it...oy!

gesse_s 2005.10.03 - 12:54PM 1: Yes, Severus Signed
ah yes,delfuckinglightful

FeyinBetween 2005.09.21 - 11:17PM 4: Beauty Signed
Of the four chapters I"ve read so far, I think this one is the best one you've written so far, the potential for more, Lucius' curiosity making him step out of his box, and especially since the D/S seemed much more realistic. I missed the Barnabas reference though...

Whimsy 2005.06.24 - 04:56AM 5: Master Severus Signed
This fic is really well done. I'm suprised there are so few reveiws??? Your OC is good.

dinkydoo 2005.02.05 - 04:02PM 1: Yes, Severus Signed
Lovely. Sensitive horny characters. Will have to read the following stories.

celisnebula 2004.10.16 - 05:58PM 5: Master Severus Signed
On the whole very well written Glinda. Thanks for the link :o)

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