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Reviews for Potomac

LogicalQuirk 2007.09.07 - 07:03AM 18: Chapter Eighteen Signed
Reggie sounds lovely! I get the feeling that Samuel hasn't been top dog in his house for a while now ;) I'm interested to see how things are between Samuel and John after their tryst at the end of the last chapter - are they happy? Together? Leaving it at that? So many questions ...

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you like Reggie. He makes me smile when I write about him too. I hope I've conveyed that John and Samuel will always have a very complicated relationship, and their past just doesn't want to leave them alone. Love from (smokey) Montana, Kodiak

amr 2007.09.04 - 10:48PM 18: Chapter Eighteen Signed
Snort! ("at least he knows who's alpha!")

Author's Response: ;) Kodiak

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