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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

mkwiant 2012.09.10 - 01:43PM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
OH merciful God but you can write... I laughed I cried.. i absolutely love what a disaster she is on the dance floor.. but the scene between the two of them... a battle of wills.. and his defeat is his victory... i can't wait to read more. Thank you!

Jong_Kahn 2010.08.20 - 01:33AM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
I was very glad indeed that the psychology between them changed, that Jane's tearful eyes made Severus change. If that had not happened, I would not have liked this chapter, hot sex be damned. It would not be worth seeing a fine woman whose only crime was to love a really neurotic man, be taken and USED like that. His capitulation to HER need was the saving factor, which you knew. Thank you. For that, for the whole chapter; it was very well written.

shyfoxling 2010.05.07 - 01:42AM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
Wow. That made me really, really angry. That was practically rape. She said no and leave and fuck you and go away, and what does he do? None of that. I was frowning in the bad way throughout this chapter... it's really incongruous with the others. I understand and agree with Severus's desire for control over himself and all, but "You will not tell me to leave, I will take what I want when I want"? that's abuse, that is, and I have a hard time believing that of him. Way beyond his usual petty meanness.

atheneblue 2009.03.15 - 12:09PM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
Truly magnificent. Hot as hell, and the characterization is so right on.

Nadrek 2007.08.31 - 07:17PM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
Very well done.

Trickie Woo 2007.08.30 - 06:55AM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
You finally fulfilled my request for another coupling between them, and it was excellent. Now I need to go get that little blue pill and slip it in my husband's coffee. I should have known, Snape uses anatomy charts for porn. They certainly worked better and taught him more than porn teaches men about sexual pleasure. I envy Jane, make-up sex is always the best kind and I wouldn't mind having a fight with him if it meant that the result would be him using that expertise on me when we made up. Did he actually just realize he's in love with her? I hope so, he'd be bored to death with Princilla on the wedding night. Jane will never bore him.

Deeble 2007.08.29 - 08:18PM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
Hooray! Yes, yes, it was very hot, but hooray for Snape's moment of realization. I do wonder what this means for his marriage offer -- he hasn't entirely given up on that, I'm guessing.

deadbird 2007.08.29 - 12:44PM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
please write about severus and jane forever! no breaks, no life, just fanfic! the last harry potter book should be rewritten and called 'harry potter and snapes sexual encounters' none of that deathly hallows crap. plus, im chuffed that harry and luna get together in your fic..

darka 2007.08.29 - 10:04AM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
This...was...perfect! I'm the first to admit it, I am a naughty reader and lousy when it comes to reviews. I read your story about two months ago, absolutely loved it and I was sad you had not continued it at that point. When you started writing again I did a small leap of joy behind my desk, for I love your story. But this chapter tops them all! It is simply perfect! I had tears in my eyes when I read it, but it were tears of joy (yes I felt quite like Jane)and I'm desperate to know how it continues so keep up the good work (though I don't quite know how you can top this)

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