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Reviews for The Afterlife

Jong_Kahn 2012.10.12 - 10:25AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
I'm sorry that you've decided "to give up on HP fandom" (your words), and therefore not to write here. Yours is a unique voice: quiet, delicate, poetic. This story was a departure from the usual dramatic sturm-und-drang view of the Potterverse. Truly you did give us a small slice of Elysium. Thanks for having given both Severus and Lucian the happy ending neither had had, and that they both deserved. I am sorry you will not be writing here again.

Because 2007.09.12 - 07:59AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
'Don't lose her because of your stubbornness. Keep her because of it.' - my point exactly...and it totally sums up Severus...awwww...the story's over! But it made me feel so happy that maybe things are right for Severus at least in Elysium. Please write more! Don't give up on Harry Potter fandom yet!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, Because. I agree that line does sum up Severus. And I am so glad that the story made you feel that way. I wanted to give him better closure than having a snake dropped on his head. Thanks again. I really do appreciate your review.

SteamyG 2007.09.12 - 07:51AM 4: Chapter 4 Anonymous
'Finally. All was right in Elysium.' That line really hit me and this story gave me a warm cuddly feeling! And whats all this about not writing again...NOOOO!!! You have to write!!! I agree with memory, we'll bop you on the head!

Author's Response: Thanks, SteamyG. I think that was my favorite line in the entire story.

SteamyG 2007.09.12 - 07:48AM 2: Chapter 2 Anonymous
Love James' reaction LOL!!! And Stupid Severus, why didn't he stop her???!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, SteamyG. Now come on, why would Severus ever stop a woman?

SexySeverus 2007.09.12 - 07:31AM 4: Chapter 4 Anonymous
This better not be your last, damn it! You write so well and it would make me one sad puppy to not read any more great stuff from you. Especially like this on Sevie poo! I love Sevie fluff...we all need more Sevie fluff! You can't go anywhere! *Chains you to story writing*

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, SexySeverus. I doubt I could ever write another Sev story. This one was hard enough. He is not an easy person to write for a Remus fan. Thanks again for reviewing.

memory 2007.09.12 - 01:17AM 4: Chapter 4 Anonymous
"This is my last HP story..." Ah, come on, Jynx! Don't say such silly things or I'll have to go there and bop you on your head! This story is beautiful and you are a fabulous author. Please reconsider your decision (and mine of bopping you!).

Author's Response: Thanks, Mep. I just want to end on a good note. I have appreciated all your help and input.

Elizabeth Darcy 2007.09.10 - 10:21AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
Oops, did I say "failed me"? I meant "fail you", of course! If I could count all the bits where I loved Lucien, it would take me all day! Love how you've used one of Elizabeth Barret Browning's poems to illustrate for he feels, and my heart did a back flip with the "for eternity" modification!

Author's Response: *laughs* I knew what you meant. I thought it was absolutely amazing that it was the very first Browning poem I found. It just worked perfectly. It was like a sign. Thanks again for your reviews!

Elizabeth Darcy 2007.09.10 - 10:18AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
Well, to be honest - even if your writing has failed me, it hasn't failed ME yet! That was a heartwarming ending, even if I hated that it had to end. The Amoretentia quickened the pace, without making it look forced as I feared. This is definately the kind of story I'd go back to and read, over and over and over again. All the best with whatever you're doing, and if you ever consider coming back to the fandom and writing, I'll be first in line to read it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all of your reviews, Elizabeth. I have appreciated each and every one. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for your support.

Because 2007.09.09 - 01:42AM 3: Chapter 3 Signed
'It was perfect: the perfect shade, the perfect scent, the perfect texture.' - I love that line...it's very telling of his true feelings. The perfect shade, scent and texture...for Lucian, who in his mind is perfect?

Author's Response: It tells his feeling and also that he's a perfectionist. I would think that anyone who he could have feelings for that are stronger than his ones for Lily would be perfect in his eyes... especially one who shares all his passions. Thanks so much for the review! The last chapter will hopefully be up soon.

Because 2007.09.09 - 01:38AM 2: Chapter 2 Signed
'He made no attempt to stop her.' - story of his life. Anything he cares for, anyone he loves, he lets them walk away. Idiot. But lovable idiot! Okay...lets see what happens next.

Author's Response: Ah, you see, those are always the ones who miss the point. He'll figure it out. Don't worry. ;) Thanks for the review!

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