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Reviews for Potomac

amr 2007.08.19 - 10:03PM 15: Chapter Fifteen Signed
A nice bit of winding down here. I like the lonely German professor and the rising and dipping power lines. You do an excellent job of evoking atmosphere. Interesting news that Snape is still "wanted internationally"; I wonder why he hasn't been exonerated. Particularly as Harry and Ron and Remus know where and what he is. One growing worry--is there a plot with this? There are lots of incidents and situations, but it doesn't seem to be moving in any particular direction.

Author's Response: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm sorry about the slow down with the plot. I felt that Severus and Remus needed to work through some things before I turned their world over, yet again.

That being said, I truly welcome con-crit. I'm writing this to learn. So please let me know if you feel that it continues to drag.

LogicalQuirk 2007.08.19 - 02:03PM 15: Chapter Fifteen Signed
The end of this scene showed the two main characters so much 'in' character - Snape is stubborn and easily annoyed and Lupin is sympathetic to others. I'm interested to see more of Troy and Amanda ...

Author's Response: Yes, Severus is tired and the full moon was very hard on both of them. It was too tempting to let him slip into old coping strategies (it's just fun to write Snape when he's irritable).

That being said, I don't see much hope for them without some person growth. Severus has learned a lot through Jack and his clients, but now he's learning that it's difficult to walk the walk all day, every day.

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