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Reviews for Requiem For a Lost Boy

bdancer 2009.05.29 - 09:41PM 1: Epitaph Signed
Thank you for pointing out that love "real love" does not divide. It multiplies.....loved it.

Mimmom 2008.10.01 - 03:58PM 1: Epitaph Signed
I love it. I keep reading these types of stories. I do need closure.

morgaine_dulac 2008.02.27 - 02:04PM 1: Epitaph Signed
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Mimmom 2008.02.01 - 10:47PM 1: Epitaph Signed
Lovely, and sad and wonderful. I so want Snape to have something nice. Thanks for writing this!!

unopoo 2007.10.22 - 07:09AM 1: Epitaph Signed
Oh my god! I just cried when I read the last lines of your text. Im so glad that Snape got everything he wanted at last...

Ari 2007.10.19 - 03:55AM 1: Epitaph Anonymous
Oh, my god. This is the best Snape/Lily fanfiction I have ever read, and I think it made me fall in love with Snape even more. Lovely.

Irena Candy 2007.10.11 - 07:32PM 1: Epitaph Anonymous
Beautiful little piece. It really brought tears to my eyes.

Emma 2007.09.05 - 07:43PM 1: Epitaph Anonymous
That was the closure I needed. Thank you.

handpfeather 2007.08.23 - 11:20PM 1: Epitaph Anonymous
Outstanding! I've always hated the idea of Snape and Lily, but you've done it great justice. Thank you.

Spaci 2007.08.21 - 04:27AM 1: Epitaph Anonymous
That was really beautiful! I especially loved the ending with everyone applauding. :)

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