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Reviews for Entranced

marilyn 2011.05.24 - 03:17AM 1: Entranced Signed
very nicely written, though i still don't get them together in my head, Luna is way too dreamy for Severus, even when she always brings it to the point - they're just no match for me, but you had a good go

amsev 2008.05.17 - 02:03AM 1: Entranced Signed
This is a pairing that I really enjoy. Thank you for writing this!

Dixie50 2006.09.08 - 04:54AM 1: Entranced Signed
very nice story. I like Luna.

Mimmom 2006.03.30 - 09:40PM 1: Entranced Signed
I like this! What a great idea.

Terrible Tues 2006.02.02 - 08:21PM 1: Entranced Signed
This is unique and beautiful. Thank you.

ladyshiva 2005.07.12 - 09:56AM 1: Entranced Signed
Wow...I think you've created a believer in what I would formerly have considered an utterly random pairing. Your prose is lovely, expresive and soulful, without degenerating into the realm of the urple. Not a word felt unessesary. It left me feeling all glowy, and wishing more people would write this decidedly underrated pairing. Kudos.

mouse 2005.05.29 - 07:54PM 1: Entranced Signed
I agree with everyone else - I'm absolutely astonished at the pairing, and perfectly stunned at how well you pulled it off. It felt completely natural and perfect at every point in the story. Fantastic job!

zafania 2005.05.01 - 06:08AM 1: Entranced Signed
I'd never thought about severus and lune before, novel and interesting

sparkly_lairy_fights 2005.04.24 - 01:59AM 1: Entranced Signed
So I'm NOT crazy for mentally pairing Severus and Luna... :)

GreenEyesBlind 2004.12.07 - 07:32PM 1: Entranced Anonymous
Wonderful, and not what I expected. Now it makes me want to go find more Snape/Luna...

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