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Reviews for Into the Forest Again

Lylith 2007.08.26 - 11:07PM 1: Into the Forest Again Anonymous
Lovely; so very well done. It would make a great addition to the story as a whole and has a wonderful ending.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It was very cathartic to write as I so wanted some closure between those two. Ah well...thanks again. :-)

Alina 2007.08.16 - 05:59AM 1: Into the Forest Again Anonymous
I absolutely loved this. It's a very well-written and poignant story, and gives closure to the meh-worthy open ended version of JKR. "Professor…I’m sorry…I couldn’t save you from the bite wound,” Harry started awkwardly." Me: YES YOU COULD. "Snape sighed and shook his head and then sighed once more with a deep sense of angry frustration. “It was no one’s fault but mine, Potter." Me: IT WAS NOT! IT WAS HARRY'S. HARRY'S HARRY'S HARRY'S. Always blame Harry. XD Keep up the awesome work.

Author's Response: LOL, Harry is indeed one of my least favorite characters, sadly enough. I found it *really* hard not to let Severus give him a little kick in the ribs here and there, but that's what that angst and self-loathing that we so dearly love about Sevviekins is all about. They had to have "their moment" of "awww...c'mere, you big lug!" But hey, at least I didn't have them fully hug! Tempting, but...just wouldn't have worked. I still haven't earnestly attempted to re-read DH. I don't hate it, per se, it's just still depressing to me. Anywho, thanks girl, and keep the faith. :-D

HandPFeather 2007.08.15 - 11:37PM 1: Into the Forest Again Signed
I thought that outstanding! What a wonderful job, the characterization was right on!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It practically wrote itself though, which makes me even more disappointed a similar scene wasn't included in the seventh book. *sigh* Ah well, thanks again!

Marikunin 2007.08.14 - 06:44PM 1: Into the Forest Again Signed
Actually I'll draw a picture or two from this. It's that good. (I'll be adding it with my other DH-themed fanarts). (marikunin.deviantart.com)

Marikunin 2007.08.14 - 05:37PM 1: Into the Forest Again Signed
Oh my goodness, this made me want to cry. More so then the various scenes in the books. This should've been in the book.

Author's Response: Thanks! And yes, you're absolutely right. I sometimes feel JKR just kind of tossed him out to the vultures instead of giving him some sort of face to face reconcilliation with Harry. I really *really* missed that and it would have been very easy to put into the forest scene. Ah well...thanks again!

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