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Reviews for The Tribute

eofi 2011.08.09 - 04:26PM 1: Complete short story Signed
That was really nicely written, and a great idea. I loved it! I never considered the issue of him having a headmasters portrait, it was never mentioned in the book from what I remember. It would have been a fitting ending, indeed. :)

morgaine_dulac 2008.12.14 - 05:34PM 1: Complete short story Signed
This was beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing this. /M

Mimmom 2008.08.23 - 11:39PM 1: Complete short story Signed
aww, how sweet. I need a happy ending for Severus.

Lily Severn 2007.12.04 - 06:44PM 1: Complete short story Signed
This was absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing it! As an LE/SS shipper, the ending was beautiful. Very well written and very emotional. =)

halloweenbaby 2007.11.13 - 03:40PM 1: Complete short story Signed
JKR really did a disservice to Snape - the seven books really could have been a wonderful story of a man's journey through mistakes to redemption - but she just had a "hate on" for Severus and tried to make him a flat, cardboard rendition of a teacher she hated in school. Too bad. Killing him in Deathly Hallows is, in itself, not a bad thing - it's just the way she did it. So, your short tribute was quite lovely, and appreciated. Frankly, the way she wrote Deathly Hallows made me think of a runaway money train: wallowing through the Golden Trio telling each other over and over what was going on (how many times Hermione had to tell Harry to close his mind to Voldemort before WE ALL GET IT, JKR!) - then, oops, Tonks and Lupin and Fred are all dead, sorry, move on, and suddenly Molly Weasley is UberWoman, screaming "YOU BITCH" at Bellatrix? Huh? Oh, well, you know? So, Severus Snape gets his tribute from fans. We clearly should have all been consulted (or she should have asked one of us to be her Beta) before she finished DH.

Author's Response: I like really like your description: "runaway money train"! SO agree with you! Yes,DH feels rushed and unedited, and was a big let down for me, and from what I've read, many other fans who frankly expected better. HP as a series has always had a few flaws, structurally and stylistically, but overall most of us were prepared to go along with that because it was for the most part a good story well told, with the promise that the last book would reveal all and tie everything up neatly. Instead we descended into farce, at least, IMHO, with deux ex machina to explain the difficult bits and not enough time spent on the main dramatic moments. So to ease my sense of affront, I wrote what I felt should have been the last chapter, rather than that horrible "Nineteen Years Later" fanficcy ending JKR wrote. Glad you liked it! Alison

LadyDeath 2007.10.31 - 10:59PM 1: Complete short story Signed
I like this fic. Snape deserved a better ending than what he was given in Deathly Hallows.

MimiManderly 2007.10.01 - 10:37PM 1: Complete short story Signed
Thank you for giving Snape the ending he deserved, as Rowling was too absorbed in the-boy-who-lived-to-become-an-egotistical-brat to give much thought to Snape. I didn't care for the way she ended his life (SNAKEBITE, for pity's sake!), and I cared even less for the way she just ignored him after his demise. It still rankles with me. Anyway, THIS is the ending she SHOULD have written! Thank you!

Pearl Took 2007.09.17 - 05:17PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
This is great! Very well plotted and with excellent characterisation. I love the Gothic over-the-topness of Snape's lifelong love for Lily, the prime motive for his protection of Harry all those years. I'm not so much into the idea that he might have been HER lifelong love. But, no matter: this is a great tribute to Snape, and very satisfying to read. Sappy as I am, it's comforting to think that Snape had a way of communicating with Harry after his death, so there would be some reconciliation between them. Thanks again!

kittylefish 2007.09.16 - 12:29AM 1: Complete short story Signed
i would like to add my voice to the chorus thanking you for this. i hated that snape's ending was so ignoble, and all the things he never knew about what happened. i wondered why his portrait wasn't in the headmaster's office at the end, as it should have been. thanks for giving him a better ending. (and i liked that since it was an earlier snape, he didn't hate harry so there was room for a more positive feeling between them.)

dreamcatcher 2007.08.25 - 06:06PM 1: Complete short story Signed
I would like to join the queue of those thanking you for honouring Severus Snape as he deserves.

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