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Reviews for Beyond

a1severuslives 2009.11.10 - 03:31PM 1: Beyond Signed
Actually meant to say 'would not', not 'would' !

a1severuslives 2009.11.10 - 03:29PM 1: Beyond Signed
Hi there! i'm a little late to this story. I would still like to add my thanks to your other reviewers. Yes, Snape certainly was doomed since HBP. Thank you for letting Snape vent some of his feelings in your story. What is with these authors and movie directors? I have not seen the HBP movie, yet apparently the movie has basically nothing to do with the HBP! I honestly cannot believe JKR can despise a character of her own making like she does Snape. Snape adds to Harry, if it wasn't for Harry constantly mistrusting Snape, Harry would be this disgustingly perfect wonder boy. I feel as you do that JKR would have been able to write a good heroic death for Snape. I don't know how her ego addled thoughts allowed her to omit the confrontation between Snape and Harry though, that is just NOT on. Then again, Minerva, Hagrid, Flitwick are all shown to be fairly unintelligent and useless in DH also. JKR seemingly must have everyone want to see Harry as the only one who could possibly do anything to save everyone! Bah! I just don't read canon or JKR interviews anymore!

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.17 - 02:36PM 1: Beyond Signed
Just want to say: thank you. You wrote a beautiful ending.

Author's Response: Thank you. I was disappointed about the lack of closure in DH.

Violet Azure 2008.02.28 - 09:07PM 1: Beyond Signed
Great job! I still need some closure over Snape's death...so much was dumped on us in DH about Snape and ever since OotP, he moved more and more into the background even as his backstory became more interesting. He is one of the most fascinating characters in the HP universe and I'm so, so sad that he died. It would have been so much mroe daring to see what would have happened if Snape had lived. I did really like Snape's thoughts on becoming a ghost and haunting everyone!

Author's Response: It wouldn't have been too hard for JKR to have him end up among the missing, but I guess she needed to make a clean sweep on that generation. Thank you for reviewing.

kuhlwitch3 2007.11.04 - 09:24PM 1: Beyond Signed
I too hated him to die! The guy has not one, but two categories at Sycophant Hex! The fan fic has spoken. I agree he is a true hero, and had the more difficult role of undercover spy with no support after Dumbledore. This series was more about Severus than Harry. As Star Wars was more about Anakin than Luke. I love both by the way.

Author's Response: Once an author kills off a character, that character belongs to the fandom IMO. I shall enjoy using Snape as I see fit now.

trekker2002 2007.10.23 - 03:44PM 1: Beyond Signed
Well done. The end of DH left me heartbroken over Snape, its Fic like this that have put it back together. JKR treated Snape even more shabbily than Dumbledore and Voldemort did. But to me too he IS the Hero no matter what she may say of him.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. At the end of HBP, his death in the end was a given (at least to me) and it was such an awful way to go.

Kimoon 2007.08.30 - 11:02AM 1: Beyond Anonymous
That's exactely, what I would have liked for him: salvation and reward for his bravery. THank you.

Author's Response: You are very welcome. He deserves no less.

Marikunin 2007.08.16 - 01:38PM 1: Beyond Signed
awww, this was sweet. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. :-)

Prefiera de Gryfalco 2007.08.10 - 03:29PM 1: Beyond Signed
It's amazing this sense of anger and frustration in the Snape fandom. I would rather him be a good man at heart and have died than an evil SOB and lived, but I wanted so much more. I wanted a heart to heart with Harry. I wanted a noble heroic death where more than just Harry would see and believe. But you're absolutely right, he was an inconvenience to her plotline just as he was an inconvenience to Voldemort, so it's like "buh bye now..." *grumps* Ah well, he lives on in our hearts.

Author's Response: Somehow I have a feel the heroic death would have been fumbled and mangled. I was hoping for a more ambiguous exit. Part of the anger and frustration is because starting with the end of GoF Snape was written as an amazingly complex character, and after the first chapter of DH, he was just shadow of that character.

beaweasley2 2007.08.08 - 05:39PM 1: Beyond Signed
Interestingly introspective ~ I would have been sad if he chose to be a Ghost ~ but I think you portrayed him well.

Author's Response: Thanks, beaweasley2! A ghost could have made for some interesting fanfic.

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