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Reviews for The Portrait Speaks

amr 2007.08.02 - 06:50PM 1: The Portrait Speaks Signed
An interesting look at the context of the scene we were given. And what an ironic way for Snape to acquire the headmaster-ship, in a way that he could not possibly be proud of. But your story points up one of the many annoying continuity errors in canon: Snape could not have been made headmaster until after Voldemort's people had taken over the Ministry--and that was four days after Harry left Privet Drive. So that discussion with Dumbledore's portrait could not have taken place in the headmaster's office--and Phineas Nigellus tells us that the headmasters can't leave unless they have portraits elsewhere. And JKR actually says that this was the portrait in the headmaster's office. Sigh.

Krysanta 2007.08.02 - 08:38AM 1: The Portrait Speaks Signed
Nice! I love these stories that fill us in on Snape's thoughts and feelings. Nice usage of the Canon text.

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