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Reviews for Soul to Soul

kdp 2013.06.04 - 01:17PM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
I loved this! The ending was just sublime.

MimiManderly 2007.10.19 - 09:03PM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
I'm glad that canon Snape got a happy ending -- in YOUR story, anyway. He had such a terrible childhood, and because of a single bad choice, he spent his adulthood in forced solitude. And then JKR kills him off at the ripe old age of 38 - and not in a heroic way, but of snakebite! She treated him shabbily, and I often wished for him to have some moments of happiness in his life. Thanks for giving him what she neglected to.

Author's Response: I agree about the shabby treatment of him in DH. I was genuinely expecting him to have some sort of heroic death. He definitely deserved better--from his life, from Lily, and from JKR. *sigh* Guess that's why fandom exists! ;) Glad you liked the story.

Purpleyin 2007.08.11 - 06:36PM 1: Soul to Soul Anonymous
Very lovely addition to the canon and they feel very much in character, especially wonderful dialogue.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad to hear it made sense with canon.

Prefiera de Gryfalco 2007.08.10 - 04:02PM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
I liked this very much. There is certainly a proliferation of these sorts of fics right now, which make me realize how much JKR still doesn't understand her Snape fan contingent. So much left unsaid. But fics like these help so much.

Author's Response: I agree--Snape is epic, and I wish JKR could appreciate him as much as we do. Glad you liked the fic!

Lady Whitehart 2007.08.01 - 02:29AM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
Well done! I don't think you mucke dup her story at all. Actually you made it much better.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! That's a huge compliment.

digitaljungle80 2007.07.31 - 04:53AM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
Wow, so good! Great canon fic and really evocative imagery. Yay for a (ultimately) happy ending for Snape!

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed it--Snape certainly earned himself a happy ending!

LogicalQuirk 2007.07.27 - 12:13PM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
This is a lovely glimpse into Severus's "next great adventure". I hope he gets his happy ending too!

Author's Response: I'd like to think so, too--he certainly deserves it!

longloveseverus 2007.07.27 - 05:17AM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
WOW!! That was FANTASTIC!!! I love it. I absolutely believe that could happen in canon, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing that!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I hope Jo might agree.

Pearl Took 2007.07.27 - 04:59AM 1: Soul to Soul Anonymous
Mithluin (above) linked to your story on a Tolkien site. :) I love it! It's beautifully written and very well judged. I don't blame Snape one iota for ticking Dumbledore off. Boy, it needed saying!!! I still yearn for Harry and Snape to meet each other - I have no idea how, or in what kind of dimension, but I long for Snape to know that Harry named his son after him ... won't Snape's portrait eventually be hung in the Headmaster's (or Headmistress's) study at Hogwarts? But this is lovely. :)

Author's Response: I'm so flattered to have been rec'd! I'd be very interested indeed to see what Snape would have to say about Albus Severus... hmmmm--good fanfic idea! :)

MithLuin 2007.07.26 - 10:16PM 1: Soul to Soul Signed
Well done! Snape deserves his happy ending, as well as his chance to confront Dumbledore. I should also congratulate you on how quickly you got this up!

Author's Response: Thanks--I'm glad you liked it! No one deserves a happier ending more than Snape, in my opinion!

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