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Reviews for Into White

morgaine_dulac 2008.06.28 - 03:37PM 1: Into White Signed
This was very sweet. It's soon been a year since DH, and still I have not accepted that Severus died. Or: the way he died. I like your version very much. And I do like your Lily. Thank you for sharing. /M

Mimmom 2008.06.12 - 07:05PM 1: Into White Signed
Loved the story. I know what you mean about needing happy endings. I cried off and on for a weekend. Even now sometimes if I'm talking about it or reading parts of it again I get choked up. He was a tragic character so I was pretty convinced of his ending. I was right about a few things including his motivations. But I was, as you put it, gutted. Thanks for making that feel a bit better.

hayden loy 2007.08.27 - 04:50AM 1: Into White Signed
i loved this; it brought tears to my eyes, yet only the good tears of relief and joy that my beloved severus finally gets what he rightfully deserves: a happy ending to his sad life. even though i keep reassuring myself that dumbledore, sirius, james, and lily all made it to the "other side" and that severus did too, this story confirms it. i don't think i've cared more about a literary character more than severus snape.

Author's Response: Hi Hayden, I think many of us feel the same. Snape in so many way feels quite real... I wrote that story very quickly after DH came out because I needed some sort of resolution for the character. The way JKR leaves him was just not satisfying. Thanks so much for reading!

Red_Rose 2007.08.24 - 12:41PM 1: Into White Signed
I just wanted to say this is very beautiful! And I caught that C.S. Lewis quote right away--perfect choice. Lewis is my favorite author, and I note...a much more compassionate author than, er...well, I love Rowling's writing. But...yeah. Thanks for this!

Author's Response: That is one of my favorite quotes - it just has such a nice ring to it! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story - thank you!

Stellar Hawk 2007.07.25 - 07:44PM 1: Into White Signed
I recognized the "further up and further in" quote immediately! I thought right away of Narnia, and how appropriate that the quote comes from the last book "The Last Battle"! I like to think that Snape would find his way into "Aslan's country" in the end! As for DH, he had a terrible end...but at least he didn't die alone. I liked that Harry was there with him right at the end. It made me think of what Dumbledore said in the cave in HBP: "I'm not afraid as long as you are here with me".

Author's Response: Yes - I am glad there was at least someone there, and that Harry possessed enough kindness and decency to go to him.

EXECUTR 2007.07.25 - 06:56PM 1: Into White Signed
Nicely written! Thanks for giving poor Snape a better deal than Rowling. From the way Rowling worded things, I believe she meant for him to be dead, but how cruel! I prefer your version.

Author's Response: I do believe she means for him to be dead. It certainly reads that way to me, :-( But I do intend to take any loopholes she leaves us!

Drinking chocolate 2007.07.25 - 05:50PM 1: Into White Anonymous
Thank you. I was angry and devastated that Rowling killed him like that, with no adult sweetness in his life, even (to my horror) milking the bathos. He deserved better. I had to tell myself that this is a children's series and was not written for me and was not called "Severus Snape and the Deathly Hallows," etc. But he was so strangely and achingly absent for this entire book and then everything was lazily shoved into one expository chapter, like what a novice fanfic writer might do! After the grief subsided a little I called a friend who reminds me of Snape and begged him to remember to take care of himself. Nobody deserves to work so gruelingly hard, to be so used and little thought of, and then have so little love.

Author's Response: Angry and devastated describes my reaction as well. He certainly does deserve better.

Lopie2 2007.07.25 - 07:56AM 1: Into White Signed
beautiful ending to Snapes sad life. He did deserve better even if Rowling did'nt think so.

Author's Response: He deserved much better. So as a reward for risking his life for so many years he gets to provide the middle name for Harry's second son (I bet the first one's was Sirius!) Whoopee.

trinsan 2007.07.25 - 02:32AM 1: Into White Signed
Yeeees. THANK you. I'm not the only one who looked at Lily and said, "wow, what a biased, selfish bitch," then. :D Good to know!

Author's Response: It just made me feel so sad. He deserves better.

Trickie Woo 2007.07.25 - 12:35AM 1: Into White Signed
If he did die, this would be the afterlife I would hope for him, but I'd prefer the woman to be Hannah. But I wonder if Snape is really dead. He never died in my mind, I saw 'kill', 'murder', and 'moved no more'; but I didn't see anything that said 'dead' or 'died' concerning Snape. I wonder what became of his body if he was dead? Harry came back to life in everyone's eyes, though he never actually died. Why shouldn't Snape? Severus knew how 'He Who I Found Most Tiresome's mind worked. He knew that 'HW' would order Nagini to kill for any reason that displeased him or to achieve his goal,and he probably witnessed that more than once. A man like Snape, who had functioned for years as a double agent ,would most certainly be prepared for any and all possibilities. I can't imagine that he didn't keep a freshly brewed phial of the antidote to Nagini's poison on his person at all times. After the trio left the Shrieking Shack there was no mention of what happened to Snape's body. Maybe there was no body because he had taken the antidote after 'HW' left and before Harry got to him. It couldn't have been more than a few minutes between 'HW' ordering Nagini to kill' and Harry leaving with the flask full of Snape's memories, it would take longer than that for an antidote to work and he lost consciousness after he gave Harry the memories. If so many people are still convinced that Elvis lives, why not Snape? I'm surprised that I haven't seen "Snape Lives" t-shirts offered for sale online, I'd buy one. Living on a houseboat in Egypt isn't so bad, it keeps Snape alive for me. Did you notice there is no portrait of Snape in the Headmaster's office? Since the castle accepted him as headmaster, his portrait should have appeared soon after his death. That, plus never telling us what happened to his body makes me wonder. As I said, I saw 'kill', 'murder', and 'moved no more'; but I didn't see anything that said 'dead' or 'died' concerning Snape. There was no mention of a burial or a tomb. Harry must have told the magical world what he saw in the pensieve and saw to it that Snape's name and reputation would have been redeemed and that he was given a funeral with honors. My instinct says she left that opened ended so that she can write a book or a story about him and what happened after Harry left him in the Shrieking Shack some day in the future. It's either that, or she left it ambiguous so that the people who write Snape fan fic will still have a premise to use for a story.

Author's Response: She certainly left the door wide open (the next 'alternate ending' , already in the works, will be one were he lives.) Yes, I am aware of all the loopholes. I am very happy they are there, and I will certainly be taking advantage of them in the future. :-) But the sense of grief that I have after the book feels like he *did* die. This is my way of dealing with that. I want him happy either way! ;-) Thanks so much for the review!

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