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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

shyfoxling 2010.05.04 - 05:05PM 24: Cordial Spirits Signed
Snape recovered quickly, and unfurled a slow, knowing smile. “Does this mean that I am no longer on probation?” -- LOL! “There’s a thousand galleon fine if I’m not mistaken,” Gash said, smiling amiably. Suddenly a leather check register appeared at his elbow, and a gold pen alongside it. “To whom shall I make out the check?” he added. -- Yay, let's everyone prod at Umbridge now. ;)

Ellyn 2007.07.29 - 10:22PM 24: Cordial Spirits Signed
I've been reading this story for a few months, and I love both the story and the way you write. You've set up Severus's choices so wonderfully, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the tale plays out.

kodiak1 2007.07.26 - 10:45AM 24: Cordial Spirits Signed
“The Order of the Meddlesome Codger,” Snape grumbled. Brilliant as always! Thanks for the bit of post DH sunshine.

Trickie Woo 2007.07.26 - 06:18AM 24: Cordial Spirits Signed
I'm happy to see an update, hope you had a lovely vacation. I'll start with saying that I am a founder and a charter member of the Snape Lives! movement. She omitted to include real proof that he died in the Shrieking Shack and even if she had, he'd still live in my eyes. If people can believe that Elvis lives, then why not Snape? He's my erotic fantasy and I intend to keep him living and breathing in those fantasies. The banter between Snape and Tonks was fun, they actually bonded over Delores the douche bag and her horrible BO. I love the way you write about Umbridge, her stench would certainly offend my sensitive nostrils. Tonks comment about being downwind was priceless. I also love the aliteration of her powdered, putrid posterior. I liked Gash, even though he is Princilla's father. He's plain spoken and honest and his self image is based in reality. He must be as rich as Donald Trump and he must have better hair, even David Letterman's hair is better than Trump's. If I didn't think Snape and Jane were made for each other, I'd consider him splendid father-in-law material for Snape. I have one request concerning Gash. Omit the word 'Even' and let the sentence read "At sixty, Roland Gash cut an imposing figure. Those of us who have reached that decade don't feel that we need qualifiers like 'even', 'still', 'though', etc. We consider ourselves to be in the prime of life. I hope Jane makes an appearance soon (an erotic one would please me best), I've missed her.

Carrot top 2007.07.25 - 08:20PM 24: Cordial Spirits Signed
Excellent as always, please update soon! I loved that you brought Umbridge in and I love how Snape and Tonks interact.

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