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Reviews for Return to the Shrieking Shack

duj 2014.06.17 - 09:17PM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
If you read that "death" scene closely, you'll find it doesn't actually say he's dead. And the text refers to his "body" rather than his corpse. So the evidence for his death is greatly exaggerated...

loreen77 2011.04.25 - 09:37PM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
This is what I wish happened too

tomo 2009.10.16 - 06:26PM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
This is perfect and exactly what I had imagined would have really completed DH. Thank you for writing this wonderful piece.

halloweenbaby 2007.12.05 - 11:58AM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
I think this is a lovely ficlet, but it does ask for more. And, like many others, I really hated DH. Felt like JKR got on board a runaway money train. She really did a disservice to ALL her characters, not just Snape: throwaway sentences like, oh, by the way, Tonks and Remus are dead, and so is Fred Weasley. C'mon, Jo! They ALL deserved better. And lastly, the books may have been all called Harry Potter and the whatever, but the real story lies within Snape and his redemption! So, yes, please do write more.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm actually in the process of writing another (much longer) story along this vein... though it will probably show up on either Ashwinder or Chaos first, since it's a crossover.

Cuccussette 2007.08.27 - 10:47AM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Anonymous
I'm Cuccussette and I love translate fictions in Italian, to add them in a big web blog. I think yours is a wonderful ficlet, very belivable. We don't know where is now Snape: dead and disappeared like Merlin or famous Saints, saved by someone, however, no soppy explanations. I think it could be an excellent introduction for a lenght novel or longer story : Snape escaped death and becomes a... avenger on the Deatheaters.. a famous potions' sage... a tramp in Muggle World... for exemple. Or your story can be an excellent page wich Rowling forgotten to write - depriving our hero of a future or a epic death... Please, write a sequel or say clearly it is an one shot: I'd like to translate it, but I can only publish completed works ( with positive ending )(

Author's Response: I thank you for your offer - but I would really rather not have this translated. And it is complete, for now.

MimiManderly 2007.08.14 - 10:22PM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
This is the first fanfic that I've read that takes place post-DH. It gives me hope that fanfic writers will, in a fit of indignance at Rowling for killing Snape off, keep him alive and maybe even give him the happiness that he so richly deserves. He belongs to US now. Canon be damned.

Author's Response: :o)

Thanks for the review.

enchantedviolin 2007.08.13 - 09:20AM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
oh I love this chapter ... maybe you'll continue? like .. what happened to Snape and stuff. Bloody brilliant =D

Author's Response: Thank you. I may continue, or I may write things of a similar vein.

Adrastea 2007.07.30 - 03:20PM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
Nice filling chapter. The aftermath of the victory. I realised that there was no mention of Severus' corpse or what was done to it, just that he was 'dead'. No real proof besides the fact that he was still after giving Harry his memories. Plus, when Harry goes to the Headmaster's office, we read about already existing portrait of former Headmasters and Dumbledore's one but no mention of Severus' portrait. I am not really sure about that but don't portraits appear magicaly at the death of the Headmasters? If so, Severus cannot be dead unless he wasn't considered by Hogwarts as one of its Headmasters. And even so, Albus practically gave the job to Severus so Hogwarts must have recognized him. Is this a clue as to whether or not he is really dead or was he just forgotten by J.K.R.? It is my belief that he was an important, if not one of the most important, second characters. Without him, many things could have happened. Voldemort would have heard of the profecy one way or another and the Light would have been overthrown. All this to say that your story could tell what wasn't written. Besides, Fawkes left, he didn't die and aren't Phoenixes' Tears a rare but universal cure? Albus trusted Severus, who is to say Fawkes didn't come to help him? Well, that's all for my ramblings. Read ya later. Adrastea

Author's Response: Very true indeed.

Thank you so much for the wonderful, and interesting review.

sureves_epans 2007.07.30 - 07:40AM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
excellent. i am glad to see someone else with my theories about snape still living. i really liked this, it made me feel better:P thankyou.

Author's Response: Thank you.

middiejo 2007.07.28 - 04:58PM 1: Return to the Shrieking Shack Signed
I'm glad you've written this. I've always felt that we needed a scene where it's at least mentioned that "oh, Snape's down there, can someone go get him?" Nice surprise at the end. I swear, I heard the words "DUN DUN DUN" in my head when I read it. :P

Author's Response: :o) Thank you.

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