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Reviews for More Than a Feeling

aramintasnape 2008.06.21 - 07:32AM 1: More Than a Feeling Signed
Hey, how did I miss reading this at RomWiz?? Lovely story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I don't know how you missed out (blinked at the wrong time maybe?), but I'm glad you finally found it.

Anouska Draconius 2007.08.08 - 06:43AM 1: More Than a Feeling Signed
Great stuff. The Snape/Sinistra pairing is one of my favourites and there just isn't enough of it out there.

Author's Response: In that case, I guess I will need to write more of it.

greenwood 2007.07.13 - 08:36PM 1: More Than a Feeling Signed
This story was short and sweet! I loved the inocence that is reflected in Severus concerns. Nice little read, thanks.

Author's Response: I figured Snape deserved to have some fun during his school days. BTW I'm working on Shadow on My Heart, so look for updates.

Trickie Woo 2007.06.30 - 11:09PM 1: More Than a Feeling Signed
This was fun to read, I enjoyed the oblique reference to 'Shock & Awe', one of my favorite humor stories and the firt one I read that implied that his equipment was of legendary proportions. I remember flares, although, at first I thought meant they were something he could shoot in the air if he got into trouble. That's probably because it was wishful thinking. I'd rather forget them, especially the plaid wool pair I bought in 1969. They were so wide that they would swirl around each of my legs as I walked. I think /hope I have destroyed evey picture that existed of me wearing them. I imagine it was his Muggle aunt who gave them to him. Their heyday was the late sixties, they made a bit of a comeback 10 years later (the period where you've set this story) but they were nowhere as wide at the bottom. That was a big improvement in my mind, the clothes of the late sixties and early '70s are, without a doubt, the ugliest clothes of any era in the history of man and womankind. I like the Snape/Sinistra pairing and I've read quite a few good stories with that pairing. My favorite is Lamentations of a Starry-Eyed Twit which is composed of the entries Sinistra makes in her diary. I can send you a link if you're interested in it.

Author's Response: The only thing of legendary proportions on Snape was the width of his flares. ;-) Thanks for recommending "Shock and Awe" and the Sinistra fic; I haven't read either one of them yet. I posted the one about Lupin on Wolf's Bane if you would like to read that one.

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