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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Trueloveskiss 2013.01.25 - 05:10PM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
Fantastic! Love that bit at the end!

mkwiant 2012.09.10 - 11:08AM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
THe Black Barrister - what an awesome chapter! love the story so far - you are an excellent writer! Thanks for your hard work!

Sylence 2012.02.12 - 02:30PM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
I'm rediscovering this fic after first reading it before DH came out. This is the type of Snape/OC story I like. Snape stays in character and his attraction to the OC is believable (also it is nice that she is about his age). I also love the humour and Snape's friendship with Lupin. The Harry/Luna ship is fun too!

Jong_Kahn 2010.08.20 - 12:34AM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
Is there such a pub in London as The Black Barrister? I sure would love to go there, if there is! Excellent chapter. I do hope Severus ends up doing the right thing by Jane--and himself!

shyfoxling 2010.05.04 - 04:56PM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
lol, the Black Barrister. Awesome.

atheneblue 2009.03.15 - 12:18AM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
Love the "Rime of the Black Barrister"! Little details like that make your writing truly exceptional.

darkmark111 2007.07.23 - 08:10PM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
this is absolutely brillaint, hilarious and sensual too....please update as soon as possible!

Trickie Woo 2007.06.24 - 12:56AM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
This can't be the end, it's even less substantial than The Sopranos finale. I expect more to come from this story, I like Jane and I expect her to prevail as Snape's true love. Don't let this be the end, if this is the end of the story I will feel like I've wasted my time for the last 13 months watching for it and reading it. Anyway it looks to me as if he merely Apparated, probably to Cordial Spirits, and never returned there again. Your Snape had too much of Henry Higgins in him to just disappear for good, and it does seem that he had become accustomed to Jane's face as well as her more intimate body parts. Just an aside here, wouldn't Alan Rickman make a splendid Henry Higgins? Please continue on to the actual end of the story even if he doesn't end up with Jane, I prefer that to an ambiguous ending. I invested al lot of time and speculation in this pairing and I'm not ready to give it up. I'm sure JK Rowling will have written a complete denouement for the series in the final chapter of Deathly Hallows and your story desrves no less. Besides, I'd like to find out how Harry and Luna's romance ended up, was it with a wedding or did they break up after a while? Just because a story may end up being AU doesn't mean it's that it's not worth reading. Anything that is well written deserves to be read. I'm anxious to see how DH ends. But no matter how DH ends, I will always consider Snape as a good guy and I will want to read stories about him, particularly Snape/OFC romances and romances with Snape paired with almost any canon female except Hermione.

Author's Response: Calm down! Of course he apparated to Cordial Spirits, silly! :^)

Deeble 2007.06.23 - 10:09PM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
I love your explanation for Snape's helplessness where Jane is concerned -- not his desire, but hers. It makes perfect sense.

Carrot top 2007.06.22 - 07:51PM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
Excellent! I especially liked the ending and I liked that Snape drinks very blood like Bloody Mary's.

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