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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

cmwinters 2007.06.21 - 09:37PM 22: Gall Signed
Wow. . . that could be bad . . .

snapescat 2007.06.16 - 02:02AM 22: Gall Signed
what a twist! do post more and soon, please! i haven't read a good fic in a while and too many of my favourites have been abandoned. so i hope you post some more chappys!

Faraday 2007.06.14 - 04:52AM 22: Gall Signed
My first review of your story - I'm really enjoying it. The dialogue is wonderful and well-crafted. I look forward to more!

Trickie Woo 2007.06.12 - 02:15PM 22: Gall Signed
Thanks for the tip. I reread Chapter 7 and it made what happened in this chapter much easier to figure out. What a terrible match Licius selected for Snape, if he were forced to marry Princilla he would strangle her, if nt AK her soon after the honeymoon began. But we all know that Jane is the perfect match for him. She can drive him crazy with lust and desire without ever inspiring a murderous impulse. She may be a squib, but she's not a dunderhead. A man like Severus would find the intellect and humor that come with matrurity sexier than the the physical attributes of a postpubertal adolescent. Anyway, it didn't seem like Jane was lacking in her physical attributes.

Deeble 2007.06.08 - 09:37PM 22: Gall Signed
Oh dear. Well, he'll do the right thing. Eventually.

NoxSomnium 2007.06.07 - 06:49PM 22: Gall Signed
Who is this Princilla Gash and why be she so smarmy? What grievance? Did I miss it? I have been known to do so. You make me want chocolate.

Author's Response: Princilla appears in Chapter 7, as does Jane for the first time!

Trickie Woo 2007.06.06 - 10:08PM 22: Gall Signed
I was hoping that it would be Jane's name on the contract as the consort. I don't remember if you mentioned Princilla Gash earlier in the story or not, since you mentioned that she has a grievance against Jane I figure you must have written about in an earlier chapter. Could you let me know what earlier chapter she's mentioned in so I can go back and read it to keep the continuity of the plot straight in my head? Is that contract binding and mandatory, or can he send it back unsigned and with his written refusal? If he eloped with Jane, would that make the marriage contract null and void? Update soon, I want to know how he wiggles out of the contract and I want to read more with him and Jane together. Jane is really the perfect woman for him.

Author's Response: Chapter 7: "A Calming Draught" details the grievance against Jane and its results.

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