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Reviews for Damage Control

morgaine_dulac 2009.08.06 - 12:14PM 1: (one shot) Signed

LogicalQuirk 2007.06.07 - 01:13PM 1: (one shot) Signed
Very thought-provoking. I like the contrast between Snape's almost casual acceptance of the fact that he might betray anyone else, and his fight against 'betraying' Dumbledore. I wonder, personally, if something like this was the reason for Emmeline Vance's demise. Nicely written!

Author's Response: Ooh, I hadn't noticed that, but yes, I firmly believe Snape is intensely loyal to Dumbledore, on personal grounds, and that it has nothing to do with Good and Evil. I'm glad that came through, even though I wasn't intending it! And yes, I feel the same way about Emmeline Vance... either that or she's "hidden". Thanks for the wonderful review!

LoneStarVamp 2007.06.03 - 08:59PM 1: (one shot) Signed
What a brilliant idea to document a conversation that could have hypothetically occurred between the end of OOTP and the start of HBP. It fills in that gap and sets the stage for the events to come. Well done! LSV

Author's Response: Thank you! You've made my day :)

talloaks 2007.06.02 - 08:15AM 1: (one shot) Signed
I hadn't thought about the conversation Dumbledore and Snape must have had after the events at the Ministry. Your argument is very plausible; I'd really like to think Severus fought, and did continue to fight Albus on this plan.

Author's Response: It just sort of occurred to me that it was a bit strange that Voldemort would go to such trouble to punish Malfoy, who just made a mistake, when he *knew* the only person who was connected to both the Death Eaters and the Order was Snape...

Author's Response: Oh, and yes, of course he continued to fight -- I'm fairly certain the argument Hagrid overheard was about this, and I imagine there were others as well.

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