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Reviews for Indefensible

a1severuslives 2009.07.02 - 06:24PM 1: Signed
This is a wonderful story. Snape is very in character. As your other reviewer said, Aberforth is the natural contact, he was well aware of Albus' faults and would have accepted Snape after murdering his brother. If it was Hermione I would have vomited. This really should have been in the book. I found Deathly Hallows to be very lacking in a number of areas. You should have more reviews, your story must have been posted in a busy week and readers must have missed it! This is great, I loved it. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for this review! I think I would have vomited to WRITE Hermione as his contact LOL. I can't take all the credit for Aberforth - one of my betas threw his name into the 'pot' of might-bes during a brainstorming process and we both just squeed! ;o) When it feels right, it feels right! I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and review this story. Perhaps its a sleeper or won't get as much 'airtime' as some others I've done, but this was a labour of love and I consider it one of my favourites. Thx again, H

Cuthalion 2008.07.15 - 02:19AM 1: Signed
A truly surprising story - and moving at the same time. I like the idea to guide your readers through the emotional steps Snape has to take her to come to terms with his grief and festering anger. Most believable, plus that I like your way of handling language and imagery. (The artwork is beautiful, too, of course). Extremely well done! Cúthalion

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review. Grief is a very personal thing and I thought that Severus would have fought against his own emotions, thereby making it that much harder for him to deal with them and do what had to be done. The artwork - oh, yes, simply wonderful. Odella truly is a dream to work with and she produces such excellent results! Thanks for your review. ~HH

serafelle 2008.02.29 - 12:57PM 1: Signed
This is a lovely piece of writing, and very sympathetically written. I like the slow progression of the story, how you've given Snape time to go through all the stages of grief, until he is finally able to find the strength to go on and do what he needs to do. And the artwork is just gorgeous :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Grief is a very personal process and ultimately takes as long as it takes, and I think that Severus gave himself just enough time to get through it so that he could function in the short-term. Poor man *pets him* The artwork is indeed fantastic, and I had the opportunity to fangurl Odella shamelessly at Phoenix Rising! ;)

LoneStarVamp 2007.06.04 - 12:02AM 1: Signed
This is an incredibly powerful story and it is beautifully written. It puts the reader in the not necessarily comfortable position of watching Severus go through an intense grieving process. This is not the way we're used to experiencing Snape and you did a wonderful job of exploring the emotional cost to him of honoring his Vow to Dumbledore and making the choice to carry on. I really liked the added touch of Aberforth's presence in this story, too. That was a surprise, as was Fawkes. A brilliant work - and the art at the end of the story is breathtaking! I look forward to reading more from you! LSV

Author's Response: That is a spectacular review! I found it difficult at first to imagine Severus as someone other than the person Harry sees, especially as I wanted this story to remain as true to canon as possible. I tried to keep him believable but yet allow him the time and space to grieve as he must. One of my betas, snapeophile, actually suggested Aberforth as the 'contact', and from my own gut reaction to her suggestion, I knew he was the right choice. Thanks so much for this review - I'm beaming!

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