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Reviews for Unseen

leraiv snape 2007.09.09 - 12:12PM 8: Epilogue: The Consequences of Our Decisions Signed
I read this awhile back and didn't have time to review it then, but I really enjoyed your exploration of sexuality and character in Unseen, especially of Petunia - hands down the best portrayal she's ever been given, including JKR's story. I always wanted a little more in canon about the strange connection she seemed to have with the wizarding world ever since OotP, and I definitely feel like this did that. Thank you for another good read!

javoher 2007.08.24 - 02:52AM 8: Epilogue: The Consequences of Our Decisions Signed
Subversa, thank you for a very poignent story. It took me a long time to read it. Heartbreaking.

hunnybunch 2007.08.17 - 03:28AM 8: Epilogue: The Consequences of Our Decisions Signed
you know, why *did* she write those stories about harry, when severus' story is LOADS etter, sadder, more heart-wrenching, touching, endearing, intoxicating? it breaks my hear to see him run into this failed life with open arms and eyes. he not only embraces darkness, he is the darkness.

hunnybunch 2007.08.17 - 03:13AM 7: Chapter 7: The Summer After Seventh Year Signed
"In the end, Sirius got his way with James – for possibly the last time in their long relationship." -- this made me actually snort. bad, subversa, planting wicked thougths into my little brain! ‘Always,’ he said, his voice suddenly thick with emotion. -- ever since you wrote MoE, i was convinced you had a secret channel into jo's comptuter! :) subversa, you're a cruel wench to do that to my poor poor severus!

duniazade 2007.08.12 - 01:22PM 8: Epilogue: The Consequences of Our Decisions Anonymous
I sat down at 2 pm thinking I'd take just a look at chapt.1 of "Unseen", and here I am, at 7 pm, waking from a trance, chores undone, a crick in my neck and tears in my eyes. God, Subversa, I think you're the only fanfic author who has the power to make me cry. I held back almost to the end, but when Pepper rent the flag of Wyrd I sobbed like a little girl. I don't know if I should bless or curse you, but I'm sure I'll read anything you'll write - I won't be able to resist the temptation.

mshepnj 2007.08.10 - 07:54AM 1: Chapter 1: Summer After First Year Signed
I'm new to the Potterverse fanfiction and have been looking for anthing compelling, well written Snape fic. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Your writing just sucked me right in and I had to finish the entire story in one sitting (don't tell my Boss, 'kay?). Poor Angsty!Teen!Snape. I lurve him. He's got so much hope as a lad, then bit by bit it's all stripped away. I think that his hope makes him blind to what's really going on a bit. Lily was tragically right about Voldy, and he just couldn't/wouldn't/didn't see it until it was too late. I find your Pepper a bit discordant in my mind - but that's because she's such a caricature in the canon and has much more depth here. I find it hard to believe that someone who loved her sister could ever mistreat her sister's child with such ease, even if she despised everything about magic at that point. And your Lily... I. want. to bitch. slap. her. I know, she's not atypical for a popular teenager but I think it's sad keeping him as her "dirty little secret". That being said, she was right about Voldy and Sev wasn't able to see that. Perhaps if she had framed the issue about saving his soul, rather than her being polluted, it would have had more resonancy. Or maybe not. That being said, I wonder how hard it would have been for both Lily and Sev if they had been a real couple - what with the likes of Mulciber and Avery and the pureblood supremicists around? Just a few of many things I love... Donny Osmond - hee! I played his stupid records until they was unplayable from the scratches. He did look girly didn't he? Was he a big think in the UK? He sure was in the US back then. Love the BFF necklaces. Love the kingdom of Wyrd. Love hard!dark!Sev with a sweet sentimental inside. Love the fact that I felt frustrated by and for some of the characters. That's what adolesence was like for me a great deal of the time. Dislike James the prat. But he's canon isn't he? I do like the way you compared him to Sev in Lily's mind. Thanks for a great reading experience!

beaweasley2 2007.08.09 - 03:34AM 8: Epilogue: The Consequences of Our Decisions Signed
At times heart wrenching, other times completely spellbinding. I have really enjoyed this story. Thank you.

beaweasley2 2007.08.09 - 02:41AM 7: Chapter 7: The Summer After Seventh Year Signed
Oh dear God they didn't! Wow ~ you have woven this like fine silk.

beaweasley2 2007.08.09 - 01:05AM 5: Chapter Five: Summer After Fifth Year Signed
I am really enjoying how you are weaving all the characters into play. James is still a prat – even if he saved Kitty, and Severus is being pig-headed. Needless I’m hooked and staying up to read when I’m supposed to be studying! Why did you – it’s just a good story….

beaweasley2 2007.08.08 - 10:01PM 3: Chapter 3: Summer After Third Year Signed
Oh you had me reeling as if on a roller coaster! James is such a dolt, Sirius is just like I’d see him, and Severus ~ can he really be that thick? LOL Okay, gotta read another chapter…

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