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Reviews for Animagus

Alcina vom Steinsberg 2009.01.14 - 08:42AM 1: 100 word drabble Signed
Oh my, poor Severus! Such a bad luck to have! *cuddles him a bit and passes him a hot posset*

Author's Response: Hi Alcina. Thanks for the nice comment. Do you mind if I ask you what a posset is? I've never heard of it before. Alison

greenwood 2007.05.23 - 07:53PM 1: 100 word drabble Anonymous
This is a wonderful use of the latest theories bouncing around out there. Ever since I read some of these ideas I could never quite look at spiders the same way or kill one either!

Deeble 2007.05.23 - 07:09AM 1: 100 word drabble Signed
Fabulous, the way you made us think Snape was the raven rather than the prey.

Myene 2007.05.23 - 04:36AM 1: 100 word drabble Signed

Author's Response: Thanks for that, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wrote it for a 100-word drabble challenge over at Bewitched Mind. Alison

MithLuin 2007.05.22 - 11:40PM 1: 100 word drabble Anonymous
LOL, this was funny. I know some people like the idea of spider animagi, because then the conversation between Dumbledore and Harry in the Weasley's broom shed can be overheard by a third party. But it does have its hazards!

Author's Response: Also, there's the connection with a spider in Snape's home: Spinner's End. Plus the fact that his house seems to be in the centre of a complex of run-down houses makes me think of a spider's web. Snape-as-a-spider animagus just feels right somehow. And knowing how he felt about Potter and Black, I believe he wouldn't rest until he'd perfected an animagus of his own to try and one-up them. Alison

Overhill 2007.05.22 - 11:32PM 1: 100 word drabble Signed
Okay, I'm stumped. What is his form? I thought at first he was the raven, and then I realized that he was something that a raven could swallow in one bite... An interesting way to free himself! *Hopes that the British Bird Watchers weren't watching.*

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