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Reviews for Ripples in the Pond

Overhill 2009.05.06 - 01:50AM 1: none Signed
Very well done AU story. Wonder where there might be some werewolf survivors in other countries, as England's Ministry of Magic is not the only one in the world. Nice way to have Lupin and Snape have their peace at the end.

Magus Umbra 2007.09.22 - 01:25AM 1: none Signed
Oh my gods! How devastating. But also how like the world. Severus and Remus were both the epitome of themselves. How good it is to know they shared no hate in the end. Gosh, mostly I'm just overwhelmed with that shocking sort of sadness that comes when something so tragically real happens. You know that icy lump in your chest when you can't deny something horrifying. Very good story.

Lady Whitehart 2007.05.07 - 06:56PM 1: none Signed
This was short simple and well written. There was a lot of emotion in that little bit. You made me cry. Poor Remus, but I admired his strength in the end.

MithLuin 2007.05.07 - 03:39PM 1: none Anonymous
Oh, this is horrible! And yet...not so unbelievable. The Ministry has proven its tendency to placate rather than seek justice in the past, and Lupin would be a bit of a... scapegoat. I like that Snape did not try any heroics. No smuggling Lupin out, no Polyjuiced "It is a far, far better thing...," simply offering him a painless alternative, should he want it. No Gryffindor heroics, but still the act of a friend.

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