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Reviews for An Act of Love

NoxSomnium 2008.06.14 - 10:43AM 1: Chapter One: A Surprising Spell Signed
I just finished! I was so incredibly pleased with the way you wrote Severus' response to the spell. I generally dislike storied where he goes all soft on us magically (literally or otherwise) all of a sudden. I don't think most authors could have written this story in such a sad way. The fact that he becomes soppy and ridiculous would have made the story soppy and ridiculous. I don't know how you managed it, but this soppy and ridiculous was so very, deeply sad. You got to reveal the Severus Under The Prickles that everyone likes to speculate about, and quickly, but was extreme but not over the top. Well that didn't make much sense, for which I apologize, but I have momentary articulation problems now and then. I really think Albus and Minerva are sweet together. I'm not a lemon fan, so I tend to skim or skip those bits (yes, some chapters went rather faster than others ;) but I know it was important to show their feelings in the aftermath of the spells cure. I would have liked a little more detail on the change in Severus' views of Remus. I know they've changed, but not how or to what extent or what they've changed to other than less dislike and fear. I shall just have to go to the Petulant Poetess to answer the rest of my questions. Thank you for an excellent story.

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you enjoyed the story so much. I'm not a fan of very many Severus-becomes-a-flowers-chocolates-and-poetry softie stories, either. From what we saw of him in canon, I always thought he must have led a narrow, deprived, and rather sad life, and that a lot of his behaviour both created and reflected that, as well as offering him some dysfunctional protection for his feelings. I also figure that he must have been fairly sensitive as a child -- though more sensitive regarding himself than other people -- and that was how he got the nickname "Snivellus," and one reason why he would rather show anger and resentment than sadness or pain.

I always figure that if people aren't fans of lemons, they can skim them, and just pick up some of the substantial dialogue in-between. I also know that even folk who like lemons have varying tastes in what they enjoy, and that's perfectly natural. I write different sorts of lemons -- and sometimes I write sexual scenes for purely plot reasons that I purposefully don't make very erotic, and I don't consider those "lemons." Anyway, I figure that when it comes to the lemony stuff, different strokes for different folks, and that's all fine! :-)

Death's Dominion, the sequel to Act of Love, is written very differently and has a deliberately nonlinear structure, but I think it has Snape-ish elements to it that you will like.

Thank you very much for the review!

Veritas51 2008.04.30 - 11:03PM 19: Epilogue Signed
I look forward to the continuation of this story. I have been thinking for some time of how this story is going to affect Minerva and Hermione when Severus has to kill Albus. Minerva's sense of betrayal must know no bounds -- here is a man that she committed adultery with to save his life, and he kills her husband!

Author's Response: I hope you enjoy the sequel, though it's very different from AAoL. Thanks for reviewing!

Veritas51 2008.04.30 - 11:01PM 16: Chapter Fourteen: Morning Delights, Part One Signed
In my opinion, Morning Delights, Parts 1 and 2, do not belong in this story. You could set them apart as a separate piece that goes along with the story instead. You have crafted a very good psychological drama, and then inserted two long chapters of PWP, and then you go back to the story. It is very jarring, and I don't think it works.

Author's Response: That's all one chapter --- the SH server cuts chapters off after a certain number of words. On TPP, it's all one chapter. It's actually important for a few reasons to see the loving relationship between Minerva and Albus as a contrast with what's going on in the rest of the story and helps to add to what Minerva is experiencing. (And I like to think of it as definitely having plot, which is why it isn't separate from the rest of the story, since it's a part of it. I also like to imagine that it's erotica rather than porn, but I suppose that's in the eye of the beholder! LOL!)

Veritas51 2008.04.30 - 10:58PM 13: Chapter Eleven: Aftermath Signed
This is a wonderful chapter. You had me in tears when Albus did not come to see Minerva. I'm glad they got that settled fairly quickly!

Author's Response: They have a very long relationship, so they don't tend to let things fester much any longer!

Veritas51 2008.04.30 - 10:22AM 3: Chapter Three: A Difficult Discussion Signed
I have just discovered this story, and you are really drawing me in. When Severus first goes to Minerva, he sounds so silly and un-Snape-like. But it's not so silly any more, is it? You are doing a great job taking an idea that could just turn into a humorous play on many romance novels and turning it into a rather dark, angsty tale. Their choices are limited, and it's going to affect Minerva -- who is already discovering how traitorous her body can be -- and Albus more than they can even imagine.

Author's Response: I thought it sould provide an effective contrast to have it start out light and somewhat humorous but then have the cold reality of the situation seep in. (If you are interested once you have finished An Act of Love, I am posting a sequel, Death's Dominion, over at The Petulant Poetess, which explores the longer-term impact of the events in AAoL. It's written in a different style, but it's a psychological drama, and I think you may like it -- it's fairly complex.) Thank you for reviewing! I am very glad you found the story and are enjoying it!

snapesnightshade 2008.04.21 - 05:52PM 19: Epilogue Signed
absolutely loved it! great job :D cant wait to read more of your work i loved severus' and hermiones budding friendship at the end so sweet :D

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have the sequel being posted to The Petulant Poetess right now. It picks up shortly after the Adfectus was lifted. It's a DH-twister -- something of an HBP-twister, as well. I hope you enjoy it. (The link to TPP and the story is on my LJ, if you aren't familiar with the site.) There's more Severus and Hermione in it, too! :-) Thanks again!

studiousslytherin 2007.08.03 - 01:00PM 3: Chapter Three: A Difficult Discussion Signed
What a chapter! The fact that Minerva has to think about and come to terms with what she must do in the future with Severus is heart wrenching. Albus is right to say she needs to think of it but I canít even imagine. I hope there is a chapter that shows us more of Albusí feelings on the matter. As of now he appears more detached than I would think. Of course this is Albus and he probably doesnít want to upset Minerva more by showing that he is not as comfortable with everything as he proclaims to be. I feel truly sorry for Severus in this chapter, more so than in the previous two. Expressing himself to Minerva must be so hard, even with the spell compelling him to do so. And watching the woman he loves with the man that she loves has to be heartbreaking to an extent, even if he can rationalize at times that it is the spell causing much of the anguish. I hope he did not vanish from her rooms because he heard Albus and Minerva. How awful that would be for him. The shower scene was a lovely lemony tidbit. I really felt them connect and it seemed to be healing for Minerva who has to deal with allowing affections to be rained upon her by another man, even if he is a dear friend.

Author's Response: We'll see more of Albus and what he's feeling in later chapters. He is trying very hard to be supportive of Severus and Minerva and deal with everything on a pragmatic level. And he doesn't really want to think about it all on a more personal level.

In the next chapter, you'll find out more about where Severus went and what he was doing, and just a bit about why . . .

Thanks for reviewing!

studiousslytherin 2007.07.31 - 05:03PM 2: Chapter Two: Researching Relief Signed
This chapter was harder to read than the first, and I know it will get harder still. I feel so awful for all of them. They are all dealing with it so well, especially Albus and Minerva. They have been so patient with Severus and have really shown that they both love him, even if he wished Minerva loved him in a very different fashion. The lack of information they are finding on alternate options to end the spell has me very worried. I really enjoyed this chapter and all the emotions it brought out!

Author's Response: Thank you! It is very difficult for each of them, in different ways. They'll keep looking for alternate options, and there will be a few light moments later in the story so it won't be unrelenting angst. Thanks for reviewing! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

sempra 2007.06.29 - 09:24AM 1: Chapter One: A Surprising Spell Signed
Words fail me, which given i'm trying to review the chapter is not good but I was completely blown away by the chapter. It is nothing like the other fanfics one reads using this idea, which is so refreshing. The relationship between Albus and Minerva adds a lovely twist to the story. I have to admit when I first realised Minerva was to be the object of Severus' affections I was not sure I would like it but you handled it really well. Both Albus and Minerva are so sweet to Severus and I love the humour you inject into the scene every so often. Its a shame that this will not be present as often in later chapters. You set out what is to happen in the end, which is alittle disappointing but I am hopeful that between the three of them they will discover an alternative solution to Severus' problem. Sorry to write war and peace, got a little carried away. I'm off to read the next chapters! PS - I am astounded that there are so few reviews for this piece.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review! (You are not the only one who wonders about the number of reviews . . . but at least folks keep coming back to read, which I assume means they are enjoying it!) I only wanted to do a Severus Snape fic if I could do something that hadn't really been done before. I'm glad you think it has succeeded in being original. I hope you continue to find it credible and that you enjoy the twists I throw in every now and then. A little of the humor will return by the end of the story, though much of the story is more angsty, of course, given the subject. There will be a few humorous moments here and there, though. Thank you very much for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The next chapter will be uploaded in about a week, I think.

talloaks 2007.06.22 - 11:06PM 13: Chapter Eleven: Aftermath Signed
Another excellent chapter. Albus' and Minerva's conversation was long over due and very well done. Their clearing up their thoughts undoubtedly will help them each with accepting the situation they'd been placed in. Albus' comment about being angry with Snape for having allowed the fight to get out of hand, rather than stepping in to prevent it, seemed real. One (me) wonders what his behavior will be like in the future. Part of me is wondering if the letter will open the door to Severus' falling in love with Hermione. I love this story.

Author's Response: Thanks! They'd both been trying to protect each other, but once the crisis was past, they sort of fell apart a little bit. Fortunately, they were able to put each other back together again, they have such a strong relationship. I'm glad you found Albus's comments about being angry with Severus credible. It certainly seemed a natural response. As for Severus and Hermione . . . we shall see . . . .

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