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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

FreeRaven 2016.02.04 - 07:40PM 20: Amortentia Signed
best moment ever. I saw it all as if on film. beautiful characterizations here. great dialogue too! a spot on Luna, Harry, and a perfect Snape!

Jimena Graystone 2010.11.21 - 02:37AM 20: Amortentia Signed
That's so funny! Of course Snape had to play matchmaker, he said it himself - everyone in a relationship feels the need to inflict their status on everyone else! lol Because they want everyone else to be as happy as they are! You are a genius! This story is so awesome! And Snape is so how I'd expect in this situation. I don't know how you do it!

atheneblue 2009.03.08 - 02:55PM 20: Amortentia Signed
"Infernal soiree" would be a good band name...

fawkes_07 2008.02.25 - 02:48PM 20: Amortentia Signed
"And Severus Snape never admitted he was wrong. Most especially when he was wrong. " Best. Line. EVAH.

pitwitch 2008.01.10 - 09:14PM 20: Amortentia Signed
I'm so enjoying your tale. This last chapter with Harry and Luna was inexorably warm and fluffy. Thanks for sharing. Pitt

snapescat 2007.06.16 - 01:34AM 20: Amortentia Signed
i am particularly fond of dumbledore's letter. and quite amused by snape!matchmaker. although i would assume him to be a little more acidic than described here, you kept it all very amusing and he remained fairly snapish throughout it. good job.

KarenDetroit 2007.06.07 - 07:18AM 20: Amortentia Signed
A most amusing chapter. YOur Snape is a bit farther gone than I imagine him to be, but he's growing on me.

islandgirl 2007.05.08 - 10:52PM 20: Amortentia Signed
more? please?

NoxSomnium 2007.04.29 - 12:23AM 20: Amortentia Signed
Awww. I must admit, my brother would be so pleased if I could actually convince him to read fan fic. He still says Harry should end up with Luna, although Harry doesn't deserve her. He said it would never happen in the books but he was still pleased when she went to the slug club party with him. Luna entertains me.

Trickie Woo 2007.04.28 - 05:40AM 20: Amortentia Signed
This was your funniest chapter yet. I forgot all about Jane's letter, just as Severus did, while he was playing his head game with Harry and Luna. I love that it backfired on him in such a benevolent way and he indavertantly, or more probably unwillingly, became the matchmaker for them. The funniest part was that he was actually enjoying himself before he realized that he had done something nice for them. I doubt if he would have even tried that mind game if it had been a different girl, but he has a soft spot for Luna even though he won't admit it, even to himself. Please hurry with your next update, I want to know what Jane said in her letter.

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