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Reviews for Seen and Unforeseen

Moira of the Mountain 2009.07.21 - 09:40AM 1: Seen and Unforeseen Signed
Early morning.... just rambling the site before heading off to my muggle job in my muggle world - and I'm handed this lovely jewel of a story. Beautifully done. I'd love to see you re-enter this world and speak of her thoughts when the final truth was revealed about that dark young man.

testingt 2008.01.07 - 10:33AM 1: Seen and Unforeseen Signed
I do think she's less of a fraud than she's taken to be--or than she takes herself to be. Nice to see her away from the Harry-filter. And yeah, I think that she and Snape are similarly vulnerable--wouldn't he hate hearing that?

greenwood 2007.04.23 - 11:00PM 1: Seen and Unforeseen Signed
A very interesting point of view from a most unlikely source. I like the fact that we are seeing Severus through the eyes of a more unusual character. Nicely done.

Author's Response: Two very different characters, but with hidden similarities, I thought. Their paths have crossed, with disaterous consequences - the very cause of Harry's involvement, in fact. I just got to wondering what Sybill made of it all, and this little muse appeared. Thank you for a very nice review.

Deeble 2007.04.22 - 10:35PM 1: Seen and Unforeseen Signed
Oh, that's really well done. It's easy to dismiss this character as an uninteresting fraud, but you've captured her humanity and argued for a connection with Snape that is compelling.

Author's Response: I have to admit that I've never found Sybill uninteresting. I loved her from the first. She and Snape really are extreme characters, living at extreme parts of the castle, but there is an isolation that seems present in both. I wonder what Snape's reaction was when Umbridge tried to throw Sybill out? And how much attention should we give those cards she was turning over in HBP? Guess we'll find out soon. Thank you so much for your review. My very first at Occlumency!

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