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Reviews for Never Again

LunaSnape 2007.04.23 - 05:01PM 2: A Master of Disguise Signed
Nice background on SS in this Chappy... more of violet soon I hope? *LunaSnape*

Lady Whitehart 2007.04.23 - 10:31AM 2: A Master of Disguise Signed
This is interesting. Your canon characters interact well and are very much incharacter, especially Slughorn--I have a love-hate relationship with him. I'm not sure about your OC yet. Here's to seeing more of her soon. Saw your post at TPMM. See, it pays to advertise.

LunaSnape 2007.04.09 - 12:03AM 1: Feast and Famine Signed
Oh I like it! I'm so excited at the thought of a promising new SS/OFC! I like the twist of lily having a younger sister and I can't wait for more! *LunaSnape*

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I hope to be updating weekly! Please feel free to send on any comments. ~H

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