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Reviews for The Werewolf Prank

testingt 2007.09.27 - 09:54AM 12: The Morning After (Severus) Signed
You (two) did a very nice job of putting the pieces together & coming up with a plausible way for it to have happened. Both Sirius & Severus seemed very much in character, particularly the ways Sirius minimized and Severus maximized what Sirius had done. I personally felt that Dumbledore let Sirius off way too lightly (let me rephrase that: kill rend!) but then I always have felt that.... I very much liked the touch of his asking Severus to keep Lupin's secret--that does sound like Dumbledore's patented trust-them-and-they-will-earn-it approach. Nicely done all around--thanks!

Author's Response: Hi testingt! I'm glad you liked it. We guessed some details wrong (when it happened, Lily's knowledge of the details) but I'm still pretty happy with it.

LiVVy 2007.05.10 - 05:07AM 9: The Reckoning (Severus) Signed
The way that Dumbledore deals with the situation is quite well done. It all seems so realistic! Excellent.

Author's Response: Hi LiVVy! Good to hear from you again. WE're pleased that you are enjoying our story.

LiVVy 2007.05.07 - 05:24AM 8: The Aftermath (Severus) Signed
I'm amazed at the speed of which you publish new chapters. This was another wonderful chapter! I'll keep reading till the end!

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving a review, LiVVy! I'm glad you are liking it. We are churning out the chapters as quickly was we are because this fic is actually finished. It was written over a six month period during the time when this archive was closed. The replacement for this archive was such a nightmare that I never bothered to post it there. FYI, there are two chapters remaining (4 installments). The delays are just me being lazy, since I need to recheck the grammar, etc. to meet the standards of this site, as well as to reformat my files for uploading here. Neither of which is as exciting as writing a new story.

capella_black 2007.05.01 - 09:11PM 1: Detention with Pomona (Sirius) Anonymous
Lady Whitehart, for a moment I thought you were talking about the authors. :D Our collaboration, I assure you, was entirely voluntary ... which made it a bit less interesting than Mr. Black and Mr. Snape's I guess, since neither of us tried to off the other....

Author's Response: Yet. ;D

Lady Whitehart 2007.04.30 - 07:25PM 2: Detention with Pomona (Severus) Signed
I love your take on how Severus got the idea to poke at the Whomping Willow. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! It is good to hear that you are liking our story so far.

Lady Whitehart 2007.04.30 - 07:16PM 1: Detention with Pomona (Sirius) Signed
Forced collaboration? That should prove to be interesting.

Author's Response: We hope so.... Thanks for leaving us a comment!

capella_black 2007.04.30 - 04:58PM 6: The Rescue (Sirius) Anonymous
Thanks! :D More chapters are definitely coming.

Author's Response: Hey there stranger!

LiVVy 2007.04.30 - 09:27AM 6: The Rescue (Sirius) Signed
Another great chapter. More people should read this story, it's really good! Keep the chapters coming.

Author's Response: Thanks! Like my esteemed coauthor said...more is on the way.

LiVVy 2007.04.27 - 10:33PM 4: Rising to the Bait (Sirius) Signed
Oooooh, I really liked that chapter. All your characters are perfectly in character. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks, LiVVy! I'm glad you are enjoying our characterizations. More coming soon...

LiVVy 2007.04.26 - 07:19AM 2: Detention with Pomona (Severus) Anonymous
I just realised that you did separate chapters for each viewpoint. It's such an original idea and it's working really well! It must be hard work collaborating and making sure the chapters compliment. Please keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hi LiVVy! Thanks so much for letting us know you are enjoying the story! I agree, capella_black had a great idea. It was a lot of emailing and chatting, but also a lot of fun, to work out how 'our' characters would react to theese situations. A bit of a challenge, too, to keep the second chapter interesting when the reader already knows what happened (sort of).

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