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Reviews for Sharing a Drink

Ailura Hkr 2009.08.30 - 02:49PM 1: - Signed
Nice poisonous SS/RL story - none of the soppy, sentimental reconciliation or even slash dramas. I loved reading it. Congratulations Ailura van Honingkrantz

EXECUTR 2007.06.06 - 07:02PM 1: - Signed
Fun story. Thanks for writing.

Overhill 2007.05.22 - 02:49PM 1: - Signed
Ah, there's one, no two less secrets Snape has to keep. Lupin's and the DADA curse. Welcome back to the wizarding world - it probably makes three hots and a cot look pretty good in about a week!

xenasquill 2007.04.08 - 09:13PM 1: - Signed
A convincing, dark moment in the future life of Snape. I especially liked Lupin's comment about the impossiblity of keeping so many secrets. It reminded me of the OotP conversation in which Hermione explains Cho to Harry, and Ron asserts it is not posible for one person to experience such a variety of conflicting emotions.

cardigrl 2007.04.08 - 02:09PM 1: - Anonymous
It would be nice to think that Snape will be vindicated. But poor Remus---it would be shattering to discover a man you all but worshipped was so ruthless and kept a potentially deadly secret from you.

Lopie2 2007.04.08 - 10:37AM 1: - Signed
Severus and Remus should just let the past be. They should both realize that Albus who may have cared for them both also USED them when he had to.l

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