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Reviews for Lily's Favourite

kittylefish 2008.09.30 - 05:39PM 1: Complete short story Signed
very sad and beautiful.

morgaine_dulac 2008.09.27 - 03:29PM 1: Complete short story Signed
Bittersweet and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. /M

LogicalQuirk 2007.04.25 - 03:54PM 1: Complete short story Signed
This is just heartbreaking. I like the way Lily and Severus's friendship is set against the song; it has a nice symmetry to it. Sad but a good read, and very plausible (in my crazed shipper's opinion!) :)

redvelvetcanopy 2007.04.11 - 01:27PM 1: Complete short story Signed
So very sad! I do, from time to time, dip into the idea that Lily and Severus had more than friendship between them. It's interesting, your twist that his affinity for the ideas of the Death Eaters was the thing that drove them apart. His pain is so evident in this piece. Very nice!

Author's Response: Thanks! SS/LE is my fav ship, mainly because I think it could have happened in canon, and because I'm a sucker for sad love stories. Alison

MithLuin 2007.04.11 - 12:23AM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
Music is good at evoking memories like that, isn't it? Nicely done, and the set-up with Albus' hand is properly foreboding.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment. I wanted to write my first-ever "song fic" without a real song! Alison

Lopie2 2007.04.07 - 04:13PM 1: Complete short story Signed
Nice and bittersweet.

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