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Reviews for Metanoia: The Conversion of Severus Snape

Kingpig 2007.07.20 - 02:44AM 4: Old Grudges, New Lives Signed
I know I'm a couple of chapters late, but the “Rikki Tikki Antidote: Protection from Snake Venom” was hilarious!!!

Author's Response: LOL, I'm glad you appreciated that. Part of what I like about Rowling is her cleverness in making up names and references, so I felt I should try to do the same.

n/a 2007.06.13 - 12:09PM 11: Coda Anonymous
That last sentence should be: 'Anyway, please keep writing; I love your writing style and I can't say the same about many other unpublished works I've read.' ... Me and my dyslexia...

n/a 2007.06.13 - 11:57AM 11: Coda Anonymous
Hi, just read the entire thing, and I loved it. Very well written, plausible, definitely gives and interesting insight into the character of Snape as well as some of the history. One comment about the notes for chapter 9... I'm fairly certain James was a Seeker, not a Chaser, so I guess you got that right despite "making him" a Seeker. Anyway, please keep writing; and I can't say the same about many other unpublished works I've read.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am glad you found it plausible, and flattered you liked my writing style. I don't intend to stop writing, but it might be awhile before I return to the world of HP. We'll have to see what Deathly Hallows does to me - this story was written (more or less) as a response to Half-blood Prince, to be honest :). In the 2000 Scholastic Interview (linked at the Lexicon), JKR mentioned that James was a Chaser. But like you, I feel he should have been a Seeker!

rwhen/julia 2007.06.01 - 10:27AM 10: Halloween Night Anonymous
Finally finished it, work has been busy. Loved it Mith. Agree, it is clean and studied enough to make one think this is exactly what JKR would have thought to write herself. I think SHE would be proud. Feel good, your efforts were not wasted, not that you think they were of course. But many people read this that did not comment. If you should ever wish to share more of your future efforts, you will have me as a loyal fan. Three Cheers. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your encouraging words and support throughout, Rwhen. My goal was to keep this true to the world that JKR has created for us. I know that exploring the activities of the Death Eaters is not something JKR would have done in her books, but I am so happy to know that you think my version "fits." I have been very flattered to hear you praise my work, and will certainly let you know if I write any more. For now, I'm focusing on the Silmarillion, but I'll see if book 7 inspires me at all!

ambershadow 2007.05.28 - 04:13PM 10: Halloween Night Anonymous
A very good ending. The events you discribe could very well have been the what happened. You accounted for time lapses in the story and made them work. Snapes character was very believable in what he did. I enjoyed the entire story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Author's Response: Thank you! You are very kind, ambershadow, and it has been my pleasure to share this. Glad you enjoyed the end.

pudella 2007.05.27 - 11:24PM 11: Coda Signed
What a powerful ending! "He never spoke her name again." And he really doesn't! These reference notes were also a real treat to read and I did get the Digitus joke (I used to work on VAX terminals)! I love your story and always looked forward to each update. Rowling might not reveal all of Snape's backstory, so thank goodness for wonderfully written creations such as yours. I know real life takes priority, but if you do continue writing, I greatly look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your encouraging words, pudella. You have been an awesome and enthusiastic reviewer! I expect Rowling to give us some poignant glimpses in book 7, but I agree that we won't get all the details. I look forward to seeing what other fanfic authors do with her newly-revealed canon in July...though, I am not counting on a happy ending for Snape. I hope to write more in the future, but I am not sure I will return to Snape. For now, I'm focusing on Silmarillion elves, and the only HP plot-bunny I have involves Ginny. But I won't preclude the possibility of any one-shots that might creep up on me ;)

pudella 2007.05.27 - 11:05PM 10: Halloween Night Signed
Terrific as always! I think this could have been broken up into two chapters, ending in the middle with "fell back against the pillow, senseless" The timing after the DE meeting really didn't feel right to me at first - Snape not warning DD immediately, instead going to the ocean, and then when he returns, DD takes the time to comfort Snape. All that time they could have went and tried to stop Voldemort! So I'm glad you went and explained later on about why Snape felt immobilized (plus Voldemort diverted him to the beach) and that DD didn't run to Godric's Hollow because he had already knew they were dead.

Author's Response: Yes, a *lot* happens in this chapter, and I agree that I could have broken it up. But I realized it was no longer (wordcount-wise) than my other chapters, so I left it. Perhaps not a good reason... The timing of that night is tricky to work out, no matter what. My solution is forced, I will readily admit, but I am glad you found my explanations plausible. Hagrid is the one to rescue baby Harry and talk to Sirius, so *something* delayed Dumbledore from getting there. I suppose I should have mentioned a silvery wisp of Patronus on its way to Hagrid's hut to explain that Dumbledore wasn't just twiddling his thumbs! (Hmmmm...still time to edit.) Dumbledore does take a moment to make sure Snape is in one piece, but he does not stick around to talk to him. I had in mind Dumbledore's treatment of Harry at the end of GoF, telling him that Dreamless Sleep was *not* the way to deal with this, and that they needed to talk right away - it sounded to me as if Dumbledore had made that mistake sometime in the past, and Snape on this Halloween night seemed a good candidate. Thank you *so much* for all your reviews as you've journeyed through this story. I really appreciate them!

amr 2007.05.27 - 12:01PM 11: Coda Signed
This is a very nice story altogether, and you clearly thought about it a lot to make it fit in. It might have been better, though, to put your notes at the ends of each chapter, so we would be able to look back and see what you were talking about. Particularly with fan fiction that is read over time as it appears, it is easy to lose track. I'd quibble with your dating of the prophecy, though. I think it was probably autumn (Halloween?) of 1979. Voldemort would have kept quite close track of who had defied him three times (it can't have been many), and I suspect he decided on the Potters quite soon thereafter. But I really loved your version.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review - I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I agree that chapter notes are more convenient, I just....well, these notes got so crazy and overblown that I felt I had to save them for the end to keep from being so distracting. Perhaps not the wisest decision on my part. Really, though, the notes aren't necessary to understanding the story in any way. Technically, the Prophecy could be any time between August 1, 1979 and May 1980, I suppose. I am just nervous about it being given before the mothers are pregnant. In my story, Voldemort actually decides on the Potters when he makes the announcement about going after children. But...he does not share that decision with anyone, and he makes back-up plans for the Longbottoms, just to be on the safe side. But like many of his plans, it takes about a full year to reach fruition ;).

pudella 2007.05.23 - 03:06PM 9: A Different Kind of Pain Signed
Loved the description of his robes sweeping, that's very Severus! And his “Good. Then I needn’t worry about the consequences myself.” comment to McGonagell was very snarky! It's funny how he's strategizing and planning detentions as he would a DE raid. The torture scene was outrageous! The Quidditch scenes show how meticulous Snape is and how he finds poor performance to be unacceptable. Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: Yes, "billowing black robes" will make their (sole) appearance in the next chapter, but I had to sneak them in here ;). I'm glad you appreciated his remark to McGonagall. You never really *stop* being a Death Eater, and Snape hasn't got out of the mindset yet. Thank you so much for your reviews, pudella; I hope to have the last chapter up soon.

ambershadow 2007.05.22 - 06:13PM 9: A Different Kind of Pain Anonymous
Snap would be one to prefer the old punishments and he knows from the de's how to strike fear into someone. Filch would be more than happy to help him. He has tested just how far he can go before Dumbledore steps in. Yes, the poor team performance would reflect badly on him and his ego will not alow that therefore he will take the team in hand and mold them to his way of thinking. Can't wait for the last chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, ambershadow! Snape is one to test the limits, isn't he? The Slytherins will (eventually) come to dominate both the Quidditch Cup and House Cup competitions under Snape, so I assumed he took enough interest in winning to justify his rivalry with McGonagall that we see when Harry arrives. But he's not exactly the mentor type ;). I hope to put up the last chapter in a week.

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