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Reviews for Private Lessons

testingt 2008.01.29 - 01:45AM 7: 7: Potter's Tale Signed
Dammit, please complete. Oh, that's rude. Pretty please, complete, this is interesting and unusual? Music, Dark Arts, Potter and Snape, unhealed wounds on all sides, what more could we ask?

Author's Response: I will, I promise. I have to finish my big fic, "Heirs of Slytherin" first.

Carrot top 2007.08.05 - 09:22PM 7: 7: Potter's Tale Signed
This story is really interesting and I love Snape's characterization. Please update soon as I can't wait for all the questions you've raised to be answered.

Author's Response: Thanks! Sadly, it'll be a while before I can get to this fic...sorry. I WILL finish it, though.

MithLuin 2007.08.03 - 03:42PM 7: 7: Potter's Tale Anonymous
I really like this story, and was in need of some serious old!Snape after finishing DH. I like your version better :P. But no, seriously, having her turn out to have the history she does is very intriguing - it raises a lot more questions than it answers. Also curious...where are Ron and Hermione, then? Looking forward to the rest of this story!

Author's Response: Yah, I hope I have time to finish it soon, but I have to finish my big fanfic first.

juleso 2007.04.20 - 03:09AM 7: 7: Potter's Tale Signed
Fawkes, you are going to finish this story, aren't you? Soon...please! I've really enjoyed reading the first seven chapters. I am intrigued by the ...contradiction (? Not quite the right word)of the two apparent sides to Snape's character here: his usual Snape-ishness and his apparent concern for Pendragon. Please, keep writing...quickly!

Author's Response: I will, honest--but I got a bunch of paid work this past week, plus the taxes, plus a huge inspiration on several other fics...It'll get there, I promise!

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