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Reviews for Siren Song

Midwife_witch 2007.04.01 - 12:27PM 1: 1 Anonymous
18-01-2007 04:36

So, does the real Keladry sing outside Tube stations? If so, tell me which one so that I can go and steal Severus away from her!

As with all of your work, I enjoyed this story. Only two little quibbles: First, Lupin's reaction to Keladry doesn't quite fit to me. I mean, if it's just there to show that people other than killers of Dumbledore find her attractive, or to goad Severus into making a move, then fair enough. But otherwise, it feels to me like Remus' response to Keladry just crops up and then goes away without serving a purpose in the story. Second, why would a truly hunted Severus risk a night with a(n admittedly lovely) muggle? If he really thought he'd have to obliviate her, wouldn't that be a traceable spell that could lead to his capture?

Sorry, I'm probably nitpicking over things that were dictated by the terms of the "prompt". In the final analysis, I'm just happy to see more of your work.

greenwood 2007.04.01 - 12:27PM 1: 1 Anonymous
17-01-2007 00:27 Rated 10

Well done! I really liked the imagery you gave us and the two opposing men - such as contrast to the same circumstances.

Author's Response: Hi, Greenwood! I'm glad you enjoyed my little Severus/Remus dichotomy. Thanks for the note.

crystalclear 2007.04.01 - 12:26PM 1: 1 Anonymous
15-01-2007 19:15

I like it! And just so you know, there are no single pound notes. There is a one pound coin and a two pound coin. The notes don't start until five pounds!

Author's Response: Oh no! My Brit picker told me that I thought I had changed it to a five pound note! Well, that's my bad, not hers. Thanks for the note, my dear!

amr 2007.04.01 - 12:26PM 1: 1 Anonymous
15-01-2007 15:46 Rated 10

Subversa, I think I reviewed this on OWL. (Lovely, of course--what else can we expect from you?), but I always re-read your stuff when it crops up elsewhere, and I was brought up short by the throw-away line about the Ravenclaw writing desk. I've put the same Horcrux in a story I've been working very intently on, and I was absolutely floored to see it in yours. Then I realized where we both got it: Lewis Carroll, right? Yet another example of great minds thinking alike! (I'm half-tempted to send you the chapter, but you'll see it eventually anyway.)

Author's Response: It just goes to prove my oft-repeated phrase, that there is nothing new under the sun in SS/HG - not a thing in the world. Every plot device and story detail has been written by someone, somewhere. I cannot wait to see what/where your chapter occurs, dear amr. You know I read you voraciously.

FJDS 2007.04.01 - 12:26PM 1: 1 Anonymous
15-01-2007 12:12 Rated 10

I love Owl-Posts!

And Keladry is one lucky girl, hm? Even a bald Snape is a hot Snape, and nothing could make that silky voice go away... I hope she enjoyed her Christmas-meal!

Author's Response: I would be too nervous to eat - but I would enjoy it all the same. THanks for the note, doll!

snapette82 2007.04.01 - 12:26PM 1: 1 Anonymous
15-01-2007 09:39 Rated 10

Welcome back, Subversa. A shaven-headed Snape. I'm betting he looks a right thug...

The joys of the Underground, How I miss doing that every day...


Author's Response: Hi, honey! THanks for the note. Did you see the HDODP Christmas story?

Yes, I'm thinking Snape is pretty scary looking with no hair!

Reader's Response: I have now and left a glowing review for you as well!


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