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Reviews for All the Wrong Reasons

Zagethe 2007.09.21 - 04:34PM 8: Moving on Signed
Wow. Harsh and heart-wrenching. Well done.

Author's Response: Thankyou.

CompetitiveValues 2007.09.16 - 02:32PM 8: Moving on Signed
That story was intriguing (spelling?) but i was terribly sad at the end! who knew that severus would kill his wife and child...

Author's Response: There is actually a ninth chapter sitting in my hard drive which will not be posted. It took the events of the last two chapters and spun them in a very different light, however I decided that it was a little too harsh/angsty and dropped it. Thanks for the review.

Lady Whitehart 2007.09.13 - 04:43PM 8: Moving on Signed
The Dark Lord and Dumbledore would both die-- whether directly or indirectly-- by his hand.

Lady Whitehart 2007.09.13 - 04:40PM 7: Final Betrayal Signed
The spawn of Potter will defeat the Dark Lord! Ha, and Im about to beg Black to marry me. This line still cracks me up. On a more serious note, what a terrible thing for Severus to have witnessed and done. There are no words to describe how sad that is.

Lady Whitehart 2007.09.13 - 04:36PM 6: Table Turning Signed
Three cheers to Snape for using Sectumsempra on Diogenes. Here's hoping Snape and Datura can work everythign out.

Lady Whitehart 2007.09.13 - 04:34PM 5: Aftermath Signed
First of all Diogenes Malfoy is an interfering pig -- not that it lessen Severus' actions by any stretch of the imagination -- but at least now the truth is starting to come out.

Lady Whitehart 2007.09.13 - 04:30PM 4: Deceit Signed
And the proverbial poo hits the fan. How horrible for them to learn each other's secrets like that. It only pales in the resulting mess Severus brought on them.

Lady Whitehart 2007.09.13 - 04:27PM 3: More than Friends Signed
Sorry but Drunken Datura makes me snicker even though the only thing remotely funny in this chapter is the two young Slytherins finding them in the common room.

Author's Response: Hell, I find most drunken people funny... especially when they're unconcious and you're standing over them with a permanent texter...

Lady Whitehart 2007.09.13 - 04:24PM 2: Secrets Signed
What a tough position for such a young person to be stuck in.

vailaaa 2007.06.21 - 11:22AM 4: Deceit Signed
I don't like the fact that Severus raped Datura but I hope they will get together again. I hope more chapters will come soon.

Author's Response: Don't worry, it's all good. Revenge is sweet-- making up is even better!

Author's Response: I should add that this is not one of those rape turned love things. There is a reason for everything.

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