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Reviews for The Overlooked

Veritas51 2014.01.25 - 08:56PM 24: Epilogue Signed
Beautiful story, and if it couldn't be AU, at least Celeste was reintroduced to Severus and had Steven to carry on his legacy. This should be on the list of Occlumency Top Fictions!

Veritas51 2014.01.25 - 10:01AM 9: Nine Signed
I'm going to stop here for a moment -- what a great story! The plot is original, and leads to all the interesting scenes about bridging the gap of knowledge between magic and Muggle, like owls, disapparation, "appropriate clothing", and wands. I also like the technique of using narration for Severus, and the diary for Celeste.

Eleni 2009.04.08 - 09:29AM 24: Epilogue Signed
This is one of the best written stories I have read so far ( and I have read a lot) Love the way you write Snape

KissMyWits 2008.08.04 - 12:35AM 24: Epilogue Signed
You have written a truly beautiful story...I can not tell you how much I enjoyed it or even how much I cried for the pain of your characters. My heart ached with the agony of it! You are a wonderful writer and I hope to read another of your fics.

Rose of the West 2008.07.26 - 09:54PM 24: Epilogue Signed
Lovely story.

sevvy 2008.07.03 - 09:35AM 24: Epilogue Signed
Thank you for a lovely story. Like one of the previous readers, I found it quite by accident under 'Random Stories'. To be honest, it was really nice to read a 'proper' story without bad language and what some would call 'smut'. After all, Alan Rickman (without whom we wouldn't have Severus) is so much more than that. He has such class as any real fan (which you clearly are) knows quite well!

niko_snape 2008.07.03 - 12:56AM 24: Epilogue Signed
I am in awe! I usually don't enjoy reading Severus with another character, but you really out did your self. Great job! Though I was bawling in the end, all in all, it was an excellent fanfic. Please keep writing!

halloweenbaby 2008.02.09 - 02:22PM 24: Epilogue Signed
Found this story quite by accident (random stories). It is beautifully written, with a completely in-character Snape. JKR had no idea what a heroic character she'd created with the enigmatic Snape, so when she got to DH (which I feel was driven by the money-train, but never mind) she didn't quite know what to do with him. Keeping this story in-canon with the epilogue, you managed to give him a lovely legacy. I did try to find the alternate epilogue on your live journal (followed the link) but got nowhere - too bad, I would love to see the alternate. Thank you for a beautiful read. I wept like a baby (which I did not do when I read DH, because I was so shocked at how SLOPPY she'd become.)

lynadria 2007.09.29 - 05:46PM 1: One Signed
Very well written. I enjoyed reading your fic alot.

SnarkyCharms 2007.08.22 - 02:37AM 4: Four Signed
Oh my goodness! I just HAD to write a review for this because of that last line! "Snape paused on the doorstep, staring into her taut, lovely features. “To see if there’s a pub!” he snapped, then disappeared into the night. " I immidiately thought of Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest at that moment! I assume that was what you were going for? If so, then bravo! I must say that I am very excited to read the rest of this series! Continue onward with your lovely Alan Rickman/Severus Snape writings! They are quite enjoyable. ^^

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