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Reviews for One Very Special Gift

HalfordsDoll 2011.06.01 - 06:40PM 1: One Very Special Gift Signed
I absolutely loved it. Very nicely done. A sweet and gentle Severus. Thanks for sharing. BTW...my name is Becky and when I saw Roberts, I thought you might have been a friend of mine. That is my name.

sevvy 2008.07.03 - 05:14PM 1: One Very Special Gift Signed
I love this story. I've read it several times now. Simple, sweet and to the point! It makes such pleasant reading after some of the darker or more explicit stories out there. Well done for writing something that can make some of us think the world is not all bad and that there truly is joy to be found in the real meaning of love. Thanks for writing!

mother of alchemy 2007.04.01 - 11:15AM 1: One Very Special Gift Anonymous
02-02-2007 02:26 Rated 5

an ultrasound at one month? sure, i figure witches could know almost imediatly, but if it was a wisarding ultrasound pic i would expect it to be clearer and moving.

BloodyBrilliantRuthie 2007.04.01 - 11:14AM 1: One Very Special Gift Anonymous
11-01-2007 23:37 Rated 10

Very sweet!

Overhill 2007.04.01 - 11:14AM 1: One Very Special Gift Anonymous
27-12-2006 07:51

I could see Alan Rickman playing this Snape, Kate Winslet as Natalie. It's a nice comfy, cozy Christmasy story: Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you for your review, I wasn't exactly thinking Kate Winslet when I wrote it tho...More along the lines of maybe Emma Thompson, or Juliet Stevenson...Thank You tho that is an interesting thought! Glad you,liked it!

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