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Reviews for Severus Snape and the Flobberworm

Andromache 2008.01.02 - 08:18AM 1: One-shot Signed
LOL This was...actually somewhat believable. It was great seeing Snape actually stick up for himself, and he got to witness the Dark Lord's destruction. Whoot! Would have been a better ending than the canon one we got. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thank you! It was fun to write. I learned a lot about flobberworms. ;)

Zagethe 2007.09.25 - 04:25PM 1: One-shot Anonymous
Aww that was a cute one...I like the idea of the kids and Snape being on "friendly" terms.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

MithLuin 2007.04.30 - 08:57AM 1: One-shot Signed
Very silly! Who knew that flobberworms were the banana peels of the Wizarding world? "The Order of the Flobberworm" sounds so pretentious....it's great!

Author's Response: What, pretentious? So you prefer the Order of the Phoenix, hm? ;) I'm glad you found it funny! :)

Maggie 2007.04.01 - 11:53AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
02-10-2007 20:54 Rated 10


Author's Response: I'm very glad you think so! Thank you. :)

LogicalQuirk 2007.04.01 - 11:53AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
02-10-2007 17:37 Rated 10

This is possibly one of the funniest stories on SH! Here's hoping that the end of book seven will go something along these lines :)

Author's Response: Thank you, that is very high praise! :)

fire wall 2007.04.01 - 11:52AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
02-10-2007 01:02

LOL that was a hoot. Nicely written.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

kimschu 2007.04.01 - 11:52AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
02-09-2007 01:58 Rated 10

OMG!! Too cute and too funny. Wonderful piece of work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

memory 2007.04.01 - 11:52AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
02-07-2007 12:26 Rated 10

Hi Sylvana! Two of your stories today and both fantastic! I want to leave a review for Stuck too, but I'm in the office and I must be careful. Therefore, in the meantime I decided to read all the possible. SO: I love this story, I love your sense of humor. Finally somebody telling Voldemort the clumsy, pathetic wizard he is! And the final Avada was too fun, I'm still laughing while commenting here (thankfully, now I'm alone, everybody left for lunch). I'm also glad that at the end, the Four have joined together to destroy their common enemy. It's so refreshing to see Snape enjoying a shared victory, a teamwork success! Ah, how I would like that Rowling could end book 7 this way! Anyway, stop dreaming and again, congratulations! Each time better! Warm regards from sunny Rome. Mariaemilia

Author's Response: Thank you for another lovely review! :D I'm very glad you found it funny. I still hope that we'll see some kind of joint victory in canon, and not the much-dreaded redemption/punishment scenario for Snape. We'll dream on, canon is canon and fanfic is fanfic. ;)

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