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Reviews for Why Dumbledore Trusted Snape

journeymom 2008.01.28 - 03:41PM 1: One-shot Signed
Hi, I just wanted to point out that, for what it's worth, nothing in Deathly Hallows negated the idea that Madam Pince is Snape's mother. While I was -really- disappointed that this theory didn't pan out in DH, I think it remains as one of the better plot ideas for fan fiction. It's a believable idea based upon canon. And there is still JKR's possible "Encyclopedia" to consider!

Author's Response: Thank you! I totally agree with you, Eileen could still be Irma, but as so many things, weren't followed up. I don't put much hope into JKR's encyclopedia, quite to the contrary. It will be as unedited and unrevised as the later books, most likely, and add to the confusion.

Andromache 2008.01.28 - 02:43PM 1: One-shot Signed
I bookmarked this story but never did review it. I've put it on my recs page, or rather, recs LJ entry. I am Andromakhe on LJ. Anyway, I don't have much to say, but I love any fic where Eileen and Severus are close and obviously care about each other, so this fic does resonate correctly with me. It's a crying shame that canonically, this doesn't seem to be the case, but it's a facet of canon I dislike so I blithely ignore it. My justification is that although we have no real evidence for what Eileen was good at aside from gobstones, we can infer she had Potions talent, since she had the advanced book, and that Slughorn probably taught her. I also assume she was a Slytherin because she was a pureblood, and because she didn't seem very attractive. :/ So if Snape took after her in those ways, and even called himself half a Prince, I'm guessing she was important to him. Interestingly, even as a child, it would seem Snape didn't have blood prejudice, only Muggle prejudice, and that's understandable. He may have gotten this attitude from his mother as well. And finally, Snape had to have gotten his capacity for sympathy and love from somewhere. I refuse to believe it was Lily's doing, because she came along a bit late in his childhood. So yeah, as you can tell, I don't consider DH to have the priority of the other six books. I'm glad that you showed Snape still angry about the Shrieking Shack incident, and just Dumbledore's favoritism in general. It's good to see he was wary and even hostile toward Dumbledore, and was only talking to him at his mother's pleading. And finally, I like the ending, where Snape resolves that spying, while dangerous, is something that suitably appeases his conscience and makes him feel at peace, in a way. That is, he feels he's redressing his mistake adequately, and this strikes me as in character. After all, Snape is a man of his word and always pays his debts. I sincerely wish this is how it happened in canon, or that he turned because his mother was inadvertently endangered and never mind Lily. Thanks for writing this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for recommending it on lj! I totally agree with you about Eileen, or any of Severus backstory that doesn't concern Lily (and Harry). It's been dropped, not developed, obviously only put in there to have the little mystery about the HBP around a bit longer. Sigh. As we all are told repeatedly, ad nauseum: it's all about Harry. So it's up to us fanficcers to fill in the gaps. Thank you very much for your wonderful review!

Zagethe 2007.09.25 - 04:43PM 1: One-shot Anonymous
I really like this. I can see the characters acting and talking just that way. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you! Of course it is all terribly AU now...

Vorona 2007.04.26 - 02:14AM 1: One-shot Signed
I'm really glad you didn't have Dumbledore using an Unbreakable Vow. I really think that a promise is all he'd want... I sort of get the feeling that an Unbreakable Vow is sort of Dark... Anyway, great story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I agree with your view. It does sound Dark.

Anonymous 2007.04.01 - 09:52AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
10-27-2006 17:27

Sylvana! This is Mariaemilia again. I have to leave my comments under "anonymous" because the system doesn't allow me to send another review. I wanted to send you a private post, but there is no address in your profile. I just wanted to tell you that I re-read the story and yes, this time Eileen sounded much more convincing to me. We should always allow stories to dig a little bit deeper inside, before sending a review. But I wanted to be the first one to review your story, so... sorry. Now just a curiosity: which nationality are you? I would have never imagined you were not English! Ciao!


Author's Response: Hi again. Sorry, I was away for a few days. I wanted to spice up my profile a bit, thanks for reminding me to do it already. ;-) I like to talk about Snape, my stories, and Snape. If you like, you can visit my lj: http://sylvanawood.livejournal.com/profile or mail me at sylvanawood@googlemail.com Please don't stop reviewing, reviews like yours make a writer's day! And I'm German, btw.

ZahariaCelestina 2007.04.01 - 09:52AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
10-27-2006 02:21 Rated 9

A very interesting read; the title had me click on your one-shot instantly! I must say that your style flows wonderfully well, a real pleasure. Above all, this idea you had about suggesting that Irma Pince might be Severus's mother was very clever; I really liked it! I also loved the fact that Severus really did not trust Dumbledore at first; it was a good characterization aspect. However, I found Dumbledore's explanations about the "school years" a little lengthy and, though of course Severus was probably not as severe when he was a young adult, I found him a little too softened up towards the end of your one-shot; it stopped ringing true, even if you are most probably right in assuming that Dumbledore gave him a real purpose. But all in all, it was a very good read; thanks for sharing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for that wonderful and helpful review!

I am in the process of learning how to chose the proper title. I'm glad it worked. My other stories' titles don't tell much, I'm afraid.

You may be right about the school year explanations, I may have been too caught up in my own backstory there. This is the last short story of a series of backstories for Snape. And in one of the earlier ones I went through all the 'Dumbledore only cares for Gryffindor' angst, so I brought that up again. I will have to work on keeping continuity and still making it a stand-alone.

In the end, I saw Snape as just being relieved. Instead of Azkaban, he can actually do something. And he trusts Dumbledore with protecting his mother and Lily. I think he would have trusted Dumbledore a bit then, too. I mean, he's a Death Eater. He didn't expect Dumbledore to do anything for him at all. Most other people would just have called the Aurors. But I suppose, this is mostly a matter of interpretation. :-) Oh-- and to be fair: the Irma Pince theory isn't mine, it's floated around on discussion boards and journals for some time. Irma Pince is an anagram for I'm a Prince.

memory 2007.04.01 - 09:51AM 1: One-shot Anonymous
10-26-2006 18:51

Hello from Italy! I liked your story, I'm following you since the time of "A different perspective", which I enjoyed very much. I don't know if I ever left you a review, at the beginning I was too afraid to write in English... Anyway, first thing, I liked the dialogs and the moods of the characters: I believe that a story is good when you can imagine without effort what's happening. That's what I love of reading, you can create your own film in your mind! So, back to the review, your story is working very well and is a very pleasant reading... and imagining. I would only point these three little details out (hoping you understand me): 1) Eileen Prince. As the mother I am, I think she should have demonstrated much more concern, fear, regret and anger for the bad companies his son has been frequenting. 2) "Bellatrix found great pleasure in constantly calling me a coward..." Remembering how furiously Snape reacts to this accusation in book 6, it seems that he is taking this word too lightly here. 3) I have enjoyed Snape finally making Dumbledore understand the consequences of his decision about Sirius' prank, but I sincerely don't see this devastated young wizard calling Dumbledore "old man". Isn't it unrespectful? But, as I explained before, I'm Italian, therefore I probably don't totally get the meaning. Anyway, good job, hope to read more from you. Mariaemilia

Author's Response: Thank you for that wonderful, and very thoughtful review, Mariaemilia! Please leave more! I'm not a native English speaker either, no need to be afraid to write.

You make some very valid points. I did think about these things, and finally decided on the version I used. It may have been better your way, but I'm not sure I could have written it that way.

Eileen hadn't seen Severus for years. I tried to imply that he was estranged from the family, he joined the DE, had a huge fight with his parents (where all the anger and fears would have been voiced) and then left them. So when he returns, Eileen is happy, worried, and a bit reserved. I tried to keep a balance between her being a loving, forgiving mother, and still keeping a distance from an adult son who is dangerous and who caused a lot of pain. And since I made her to be Irma Pince, who is an irritable and rather unfriendly lady -- I thought it should show a bit early on.

2. Bellatrix calling him a coward: she implied just that in the 'Spinner's End' chapter. I think several DE called him that, behind his back, and maybe to his face. But as I see it, this was Snape's facade, his role, so he took it, more or less composed. In my story he doesn't respect Bella, nor cares much about what she says. He certainly doesn't respect her in HBP, he even mocks her. His behaviour towards Narcissa is completely different. His involvement with the Marauders, on the other hand, was deeply emotional. And he always loathed their 'four against one' approach. So Harry calling him a coward after he did what he was forced to do (IMO) -- would have shattered his control big time. But I may be completely wrong, this is just my interpretation of these events. I see Snape as tightly controlled most of the time, but sometimes he can't stop an eruption of anger. 3. It is unrespectful, but not badly so. I wanted to show that he relaxed enough to not be a bit disrespectful. When we call people names, we sometimes dare doing that because we like them. I tried to show that, despite still being prickly, he relaxes and starts to trust.

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