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Reviews for Written on the Side of the White Tomb by an Anonymous Hand

pitwitch 2008.09.04 - 10:00AM 1: N/A Signed
Well done!

LogicalQuirk 2007.06.08 - 02:03PM 1: N/A Signed
It is perhaps very ironic that the only person who might have forgiven Snape is the man he killed. The lines feel somewhat like they're collective thoughts from everyone affected by what he did; almost aggressive in places. Very moving and powerful.

Author's Response: Indeed! And I was dead wrong! DH had some shocking surprises in store!

MlleGigi 2007.04.01 - 06:39AM 1: N/A Anonymous
07-03-2007 01:20 Rated 9

Excellent poem...while the meter is ever so slightly uneven in a couple of places (depending upon how one reads it), it's very evocative in its sentiments and captures very well the mood at the end of the Half-Blood Prince. Only time (and "the Deathly Hallows") will, of course, tell whether these accusations are entirely justified...

Author's Response: Indeed, the rest of the Wizarding world does not know what the readers know about what happened at Spinner's End, so of course they are going to be angry and out for Snape's blood. But Snape's motivations are not as clear-cut as they appear to be--circumstances are somewhat mitigating. I suppose whether or not there's hope for Snape in book 7 depends a great deal on *why* he made that pact with Narcissa. Was it for Draco's sake? Was it because of his own bitterness, and he merely wanted an excuse to do away with Dumbledore? Was it fear for his own neck if he refused to do it, and Bellatrix reported this to Voldemort? At any rate, maybe the only person who has the right to forgive...or pass judgment on Snape is his victim. Perhaps Dumbledore's portrait will have something to say about this in book 7.

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