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Reviews for Wildly Inspired

kittylefish 2008.06.12 - 05:48PM 4: Skin Deep Signed
i just read this whole series and enjoyed every little giggle. thanks for sharing such inspired silliness.

Overhill 2007.07.29 - 04:04PM 3: Releasing the Beast Within Signed
This chapter is one of my all time favorite Silly!Bella stories.

Author's Response: Thanks for enjoying! I need to write a Bella/Voldie humor fic soon.

JackieJLH 2007.06.01 - 02:28PM 3: Releasing the Beast Within Signed
OMG. Lol. That was awesome. I think I'm in love with your Bella--seriously, she's sassy and angry and funny at the same time, and her outrage while a helpless Puffskein made me giggle. I kind of almost felt sympathy for Voldie, too, being surrounded by idiots. I loved his thoughts that perhaps he should be grateful for his Muggle blood. Lol.

Author's Response: Oh no, I made you feel sorry for Voldie! Thanks for finding Bella amusing. ((HUGS))

Trickie Woo 2007.04.04 - 11:10AM 4: Skin Deep Anonymous
01-21-2007 22:44
This is a story about mans' best friend, and I don't mean his dog, I mean the true center of his emotional life. We all know that they measure their self esteem and all other emotions by their penis and it's attributes.

It must be hard for them to know that they will only get one reaction from it when they express any kind of emotion. They must stiffen their resolve and not soften in times of emotional turmoil. My guess is that this was the problem DD found when the polyjuice took effect on him.

I wonder what Minerva would do if she found out that Dumbledore was cheating on her when he's polyjuiced into Snape's body?

One more thought, I know just how Severus feels about his hair, I have Snape hair myself. It needs to be washed every day and if I wash it in the morning to go to an appointment, I'll have to wash it again later in the day if we are going out that evening.If he ever comes up with a potion to cure excessive oilyness I'll buy all that he can supply.

Trickie Woo 2007.04.01 - 06:50AM 3: Releasing the Beast Within Anonymous
01-06-2007 08:15

I think a Pygmy Puffskein is the perfect form for Bella, it will keep her out of everybody's hair except Ginny's for a while and there's a good chance that Crookshanks or Mrs. Norris will succeed in totally eliminating her.

I do love it when the DEs get on 'HW's nerves. He sounds just like a parent whose children are always fighting over who gets the windowe seat to 'he got more than I did'. Obviously most of them have never grown beyond that stage, if they had they wouldn't be Death Eaters. But then, my theory has always been that the pure bloods ( the DEs in particular) are so inbred that they are utter morons who will never advance beyond the level of a 5 year old.

Snape and 'HW' are the only ones who aren't so inbred, but they each have their own problems. Snape, while brilliant, can be very childish; but 'HW' is just plain loony. If he expects to win a war with that army of morons he has to be loony. I wonder if he ever saw Army of Darkness (I love that movie and Bruce Campbell). He is on just about the same intellectual level as Ash is and his army is as brainless as the undead skeletons, and that includes the Inferi and the Dementors. He's akin to the leader of the army of the undead skeletons.

If Snape can get the use of some Muggle equipment like a chainsaw and an Oldsmobile or that Ford Anglia that's in the forest, the side of the light (who are almost, but not quite, as dumb as the purebloods) should have a chance to carry the day. As long as he had enough gas (petrol) he'd be invincible.

Marianne 2007.04.01 - 06:49AM 3: Releasing the Beast Within Anonymous
12-31-2006 14:12 Rated 10

Dear Cathy, this is just wonderful and I laughed really hard. I thought about deducting points for your description of my beloved Snape, but then I decided that he is a big guy and can deduct points himself. So, full points from me.

Author's Response: *graciously accepts points* Glad I could make you laugh!

Salamon2 2007.04.01 - 06:49AM 2: Desperate Measures Anonymous
12-10-2006 00:50 Rated 10

Have you changed it since the last time I read this, it's even funnier! As for poking fun at the theory, a quite innovative take on it, most of them are claiming it's her flowery scent, but putting it in the book makes it even funnier. Good job, I needed a laugh.


Author's Response: Well of course there is always some last-minute tweaking that you may not have seen. So glad I made your day. Some theories just beg to be made into fics. Bella Puff is up next.

Trickie Woo 2007.04.01 - 06:48AM 2: Desperate Measures Anonymous
11-18-2006 05:22

Very funny, I particularly enjoyed his first impression when Snape misunderstood what she wanted the potion for and asked "Who is the lucky idiot?" And also the part where "his voice was more bitter than she had ever heard it before." You know exactly what I mean about that, I'm sure.

Are you planning any follow up chapters? I'd love to see the effect of the potion, since we know from HBP that Ron didn't accidentally get the book and JKR didn't fully explain Harry's sudden attraction to Ginny. I'm glad there was no chance of Fred & George accidentally getting affected by the potion, that would be far too kinky, even more so than Ron getting hold of it.

Author's Response: Sorry these are just a series of one-shots. There are a few more of them to come though so don't worry.

Midwife_witch 2007.04.01 - 06:48AM 2: Desperate Measures Anonymous
11-18-2006 01:28

Aw, come on LW, couldn't you have thrown a sop to us Ashwinderians by tossing in a little SS/HG angle here just for good measure? This is great - really funny and yet not such an over-the-top parody that it beats you over the head. I now officially know that there are too many people who spend too much time thinking about HP if there's really a theory out there suggesting that the HBP Potions book was coated with Amortentia. Your story also makes me realize how far we have not come as women since the 1950s: Ginny is noted to have two different boyfriends (besides Harry) in the course of two years in canon. Hardly promiscuous, no? Yet the trope of "Ginny gives it away to half of the boys at Hogwarts" has such a life of its own in fanon. I guess the double standard exists even for witches. Oh well, great story anyway.

Author's Response: Well I sort of did--Ginny gets Harry; Snape gets Hermione. But if you insist, I suppose I can abuse Ashwinder too. ;-) Poor Ginny she really just can win, can she? The site where I found this had a major Ginny bashing thread. What is a Choco/Heron anyway? :-?

fire wall 2007.04.01 - 06:48AM 1: Prelude Anonymous
12-29-2006 03:32

Too much fun! How did I miss this one?

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