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Reviews for The Smartest Slytherin

potterverse 2008.02.10 - 10:48AM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Signed
Very interesting. I agree that the point of the story is very true, and I thought it was nice you dedicated it to the professor that taught you that. You are right, there appears to be more to Crabbe and Goyle than meet the eye. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Professor Nixon was a great man, and I was glad to do something to remember him by.

NoxSomnium 2007.12.31 - 11:55PM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Signed
That was really good. I think it would make an awesome chaptered fic.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I had stories about where Crabbe would be after the seventh book, but not one had him making an ash out of himself in his seventh year.

testingt 2007.12.15 - 12:53AM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Signed
AU after DH, but very nicely done. One doesn't see what other option he had. One hopes Snape found a way to help him.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I was verysurprised at Crabbe's choices and fate in DH - I had such hopes for him. *sigh* Oh, well, there's always another universe. I'm glad you liked this story.

MithLuin 2007.08.10 - 07:40PM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Anonymous
It is so good to see Crabbe treated as something other than Malfoy's goon! I was really hoping she was going somewhere with that after HBP, but alas.... At least there is always fan-fiction! (And I like your Snape - as calculated as always, but possessive of *his* students...like Dumbledore, in a way)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I thought that there was plenty in the books that showed that Crabbe was possibly a cloaked good guy (like how he was always helping Goyle to the hospital wing). And in other AU (not published) stories, I have Crabbe being quite happy in his post-Hogwarts years. DH was a definite shock to me, and not the ending I imagined him to have. *Sigh* Yep, that's my Teacher!Snape, that's how he is in my stories... Thanks again! *grins with gratitude*

Deeble 2007.07.22 - 09:17PM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Signed
I DON'T WANT TO BE ONE is so very affecting -- you have to feel for Crabbe, trapped by everything and everyone in his life.

Author's Response: It's how I thought Crabbe would be, especially as he was dragging his feet all of the time in HBP.

June W 2007.04.01 - 11:52AM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Anonymous
02-09-2007 07:17 Rated 10

This is brilliant! A simple mystery, yet lifechanging for at least one boy - and encouragement to Severus, that at least one of his Slytherins might do the wisest thing. Wonderful job of conveying a short story in only a few words. (applause icon!)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

What a challenge it would be, to tend to the one, while the others choose to go over the cliff...

memory 2007.04.01 - 11:52AM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Anonymous
02-08-2007 06:38

Hi Overhill! I just discovered your story... and I liked it a lot! Finally a different point of view about poor Crabbe (you know that in Italy his name has been changed into Tiger? who knows why?). It's beautiful that in fandom we can have the opportunity to give more dimension also to minor characters. I found the story interesting and well developed, and I also liked very much your almost paternal Snape. Again, good job! Warm regards from sunny Rome. Mariaemilia
Author's Response: Thank you!

Fandom is fun, isn't it! You want more of a story, you can write it yourself and/or see what other's have written. However, most of fandom has not been kind to poor Crabbe and Goyle.

I can not imagine why Crabbe's name (meaning "crabby") would have been changed to "Tiger", unless there's an additional meaning to it...?

As for Snape, having to "act" the part of a teacher for more than a decade, I suppose he would eventually "be" a teacher!

Thanks again, and see you at the forums!

Faraday 2007.04.01 - 11:52AM 1: The Smartest Slytherin Anonymous
02-07-2007 05:16 Rated 9

I really enjoyed this. It's always good to see dimension being added to characters like Crabbe and Goyle.

Author's Response: Thank you!

In the HBP, Rowling drops a number of hints that Crabbe is getting a bit fed up with doing Malfoy’s bidding, though he reluctantly still obeys. I thought it interesting in HBP that they were described as “they looked oddly lonely…without Malfoy”, and that they were still at Hogwarts after many other students were taken home by their parents.

And to my eye, actor Jamie Waylett has a shrewd look about him.

(I would love to see Waylett, Joshua Herdman and Tom Felton do "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead".)

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