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Reviews for Unintended Consequences 2

Vorona 2007.04.29 - 08:54PM 10: Godric's Hollow Signed
Excellent... Though I want to know what happens next... Still, I think it's a good ending.

Author's Response: Thanks, Vorona! Glad you liked my ending.

Vorona 2007.04.29 - 07:41PM 4: A Tale of Remorse Signed
Ooh! This just keeps getting better. This is, by far, my favorite chapter so far. I love the tension here: we never know if Voldemort will accept it or curse him or something, and then there's the remarkable feeling of victory at the end. Wonderful!

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it! It was challenging to write - Voldemort has to buy the explanation, but not seem too gullible.

Vorona 2007.04.29 - 07:17PM 2: A Clever Man's Idea Signed
Dumbledore is at the top of his game here... You know, for all the talk of him being a Gryffindor, he really does seem to have something with all the Houses, and here, his Slytherin side comes right out (as it has at other times in the books).

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments! This is how I see Dumbledore too, that he shares traits of all the houses. And in the spy business, the Slytherin traits would be most useful.

memory 2007.04.24 - 07:33AM 10: Godric's Hollow Signed
Sorry, sorry, sorry! This time I was very late and I had to read two chapters together. Again sorry, but real life has its inconveniences... Now, the story it's beautiful, and I've liked it very much! The final chapters are offering us many interesting points of view. I always told you that I really like the way you present us new intriguing ideas about events still unclear. My, I hope you understand what I'm writing! Sometimes it's so frustrating being a foreign, I can't never express totally my thoughts. Anyway, I loved the story and loved the way you portrayed the characters. All my best congratulations for another outstanding success! From Italy with admiration. mariaemilia

Author's Response: Hi Mariaemilia, I'm just happy you found the time to read my story and let me know how you liked it! Thanks!

pudella 2007.04.15 - 08:36PM 10: Godric's Hollow Signed
Your story was such a pleasure to read, and this chapter was a great ending since finding out what happened at Godric's Hollow is so key to the story. I think losing Lily's was Snape's greatest loss and you wrote his thoughts and actions were right on the mark. I wasn't sure if putting Mundungus there was to indicate he was incompetent or a spy or both, but it's amazing they'd let him back into the Order. The thing about getting Hagrid, DD should have suggested a side-along apparition to Godric's Hollow, though the delay with getting Hagrid there would explain the timelapse that is currently unexplained in the story. I like how you used DD's instruments, which we always hear about in the books but never know their purpose.

Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad you liked the whole story, and the end. My description of Dung's sleep was meant to leave open the possiblity of foul play as well. He had, after all, slept through a wizards' duel, and explosion, and having a cloak pulled off him on a cold night. Perhaps he'd just had a drink after the Order meeting with the wrong person. Or a couple too many. If it was not a betrayal - the Order is pretty small...

Author's Response: My DD did not suggest side-along Apparition for Hagrid because he wanted Snape to wait there longer, and have more time to think things over. This is not stated explicitly, but the benefit of Snape having time to think things over is one of DD's thoughts.

lunafish 2007.04.15 - 01:22AM 10: Godric's Hollow Signed
Now this is my favorite chapter! You have answered all those questions that I've been wanting JKR to answer in bk 7, and I can't imagine how she could answer them better. An excellent story! Now I must find more of your writing.... *wanders off to search*

Author's Response: *does happy dance* I dreaded writing this one because while I had worked out the logistics of what would happen, I really liked the previous one and did not want to end on a flat note. Also, with my guesses about Snape's motivations, this had to be an emotional scene and I worried about making over the top. It is nice to hear it worked for you!

lunafish 2007.04.14 - 01:08AM 9: Hogsmeade Signed
This just gets better and better. You've done such a fine job of drawing young Snape, and the story answers so many questions in such a plausible way. Beautiful!

Author's Response: Thanks lunafish! I'm glad you liked this chapter. It is my favorite one too.

pudella 2007.04.10 - 03:27PM 9: Hogsmeade Signed
"the meeting was starting to breaking up." - should be "break". This helps to explain why the Potters would change Secret Keepers, though from what I remember in the story, it was Sirius who suggested it because he seemed like the obvious candidate. Now that James revealed Sirius as the Secret Keeper, it would be wise for them to change to someone else now that Snape knows and could pass the information on to the Deatheaters. Too bad they didn't pick Dumbledore to do it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the correction, pudella! I have already changed it in the post. I am not surprised I missed it, but the oh-so-sharp editors on staff here are amazing...usually nothing gets by them! This is not explicitly stated in my story, but my assumption is that Peter was already the Secret Keeper in the previous chapter. Snape deduced from Bella's comments that the Potters' secret keeper was the spy. This did not allow him to attach a name to the spy - but because of the 'switch', Dumbledore was convinced that the spy was Sirius. (Snape too, especially after his chat with James, who seemed to confirm it).

memory 2007.04.03 - 08:05PM 3: A Favor from a Friend Anonymous
02-26-2007 17:35
Good as always, Zara! And now I want to know what happens next. What is the Dark Lord going to say? After all, Snape tricked also Lucius, not explaining him completely the matter. Of course, he couldn't discover his cards... But could this be an added charge against him in the future? Can't wait to read. Oh, I also liked very much the way you portrayed Narcissa and Lucius at the party, delightfully snob. Read you soon. As always, best wishes from Italy. Mariaemilia

Author's Response: Hi there! The Dark Lord's reactions are the subject of Chapter 4 (already in the queue). I'm glad you enjoyed the Malfoys - I love writing them.

Thanks for leaving your review!

memory 2007.04.03 - 08:04PM 1: A New Assignment Anonymous
12-10-2006 06:52
Hello Zara! This time I'm the first to review your story! I'm very glad you posted another one and this seems to develop highly interestingly. As always, you show us new intriguing sides of situations that have never been considered in the books or by other authors. I will look forward to the new chapters. In the meantime, all my best wishes for Xmas and the New Year. Buon Natale da Roma! Mariaemilia

Author's Response: Hi! Nice to hear from you as always. I'm pleased to be writing this one. I always wanted to write about these events, but had trouble deciding what exacly I think happened...

Merry Christmas to you too!

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