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Reviews for A Nice Summer

celestialrain 2008.08.02 - 11:42PM 1: A Nice Summer Signed
A terrific 'missed moment' one-shot! Very well-done. I loved it and can easily picture that exact conversation taking place.

Author's Response: Thanks! This is one of my few pre-DH stories that pretty much flies even with the new canon. I am glad you enjoyed it.

seachange 2007.12.12 - 03:55PM 1: A Nice Summer Signed
Another good story. I've always thought that Dumbledore's comments to Snape in POA about the impossibility of being in two places at once, was really a "heads up" signal to Snape that he, Dumbledore, was in on events and for Snape to keep quiet. Which, of course, is what Snape did. However, I think that Snape, as one of Hermione's teachers, probably already knew about the timeturner. I'd think that all of her teachers would have to have known. And of course, the Ministry knew as well, as they'd given special permission for her to use it. If Snape had gone on for long in front of Fudge about the whole affair, and any kind of investigation was done, then someone at the Ministry might recall that Hermione had a timeturner in her possession. Which would, of course, have blown the whole story. This story continues to work quite nicely even after DH.

Author's Response: Hi! Glad you like it. I've got another PoA story that still works, I was really amazed by how different that book looked to me after I read HBP. The general facts and Snape's motivations work...but if I were writing it today, I might write Dumbledore a little differently.

Zagethe 2007.09.25 - 06:35PM 1: A Nice Summer Anonymous
Another well done story.

Author's Response: Thanks, Zagethe. I'm glad you liked it!

lunafish 2007.04.15 - 01:53AM 1: A Nice Summer Signed
This story works so well with "Unintended Consequences 1 & 2"; you've really got a strong sense of Snape and DD and of their relationship. What another satisfying glimpse into the moments we don't get to see in the books!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. For me PoA took on a whole new meaning after I read HBP and writing this story was part of working out those new ideas. I had the backstory I have since written up in "Unintended Consequences 1&2" in mind when I wrote the piece, so in a sense the fit was deliberate.

Prefiera de Gryfalco 2007.04.01 - 01:32AM 1: A Nice Summer Anonymous
11-20-2006 16:50

I do like missing chapters! It would make sense that Snape could not "hear" Sirius and Remus explaining why Sirius was innocent and Pettigrew was not. Yet another reason why I believe Snape is on the side of good is his ranting and raving at the end of POA. Every "villian" has to have "Ah HA! I rock, you suck, good guys!" sort of monologue when they see themselves victorious. We see none of this with Snape during the Lightning Struck Tower.

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks for leaving yuour comments! I actually think Rowling wrote the Shack scenes very carefully so that Snape did not have to 'ignore' very much to remain convinced of Sirius's guilt. While he is in hearing range, noone mentions that Peter's form is a rat, or that Peter, not Sirius, was the Secret Keeper.

And of course I agree with you about Snape in Book 6. I even wrote a fic about that...(The Long Night).

Anonymous 2007.04.01 - 01:31AM 1: A Nice Summer Anonymous
11-10-2006 09:11 Rated 10

I love missing scenes in general, but this one is particularly good. Like your language, apt portrayal of characters, and also the fact that this scene is really missing - not covered by other writers.

Author's Response: Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments! Lately I'd been doing a lot of thinking about PoA and Snape in it, and this was an idea that popped into my head for a short fic.

Memory 2007.04.01 - 01:31AM 1: A Nice Summer Anonymous
11-10-2006 06:51 Rated 9

Hello there, Zara! This is the second time I read your story, I already did yesterday but hadn't the time to leave a review. What to say? I see you are exploring many parts of Snape's life which have not been told in the books. And this, as always, is very interesting. Now this story in particular is well written but less intriguing than your last one, probably because is centered on a conversation that doesn't offer too many new information. In your stories, I'm always waiting for the "coup de theatre", the unexpected... But this is your fault, you are normally so brilliant! I have become accustomed to be surprised!

Now just two quick notes: why do you think that Snape didn't know Peter's Animagus form? And why the Black Mark wasn't visible? I think that it should, while Voldemort was still living, you know, just to remember... Anyway, thanks for another occasion of enjoyment. Wait for more. Saluti da Roma. Mariaemilia

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments! You're right, there's not much new in the story. It is more about what I think was going on internally with Dumbledore and Snape at the end of PoA, in those dramatic scenes.

The reason I wrote the Dark Mark as invisible is that Karkaroff in GoF is afraid because his Mark is coming back, becoming visible once more. Based on this, I was making a guess that after Godric's Hollow, the Marks of all the Death Eaters faded, and only came back when Voldemort started to regain his body with Peter's help.

It seemed to me from PoA that neither Snape nor Dumbledore realized any of the Marauders had been Animagi. Snape overhears Lupin 'confess' that he did not share this information with Dumbledore (even though it is probably the explanation of how Sirius could sneak into the castle).

Once Snape heard this conversation, I think he still did not figure out the Animagus forms, they are not mentioned. He seems to find Sirius's references to the rat in the following scene nonsensical, and even brings them up again at the castle as something ridiculous.

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