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Reviews for The Pet

Eire 2004.04.28 - 04:33AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Wow. I really enjoy what I have read so far. I have been reading HG/SS for awhile now and I like the refreshing change. Lupin is my favourite character in the books, so I am naturally looking forward to your portrayal of him. I enjoy the fact that you didn't have him tell the group where Hermione was - possibilities for later, I imagine. Looking forward to the next installment!

Melpomene Erato 2004.04.27 - 04:26PM 2: Chapter Two Signed
"She found him appealing in a drowned rat sort of way." : )) I'm really enjoying this fic.

sevsnapesgirl2 2004.04.27 - 02:42PM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
Hey, this is great! I'm intrigued to see whether this will be SnapeTonks or SnapeHermione??

Rilla 2004.04.27 - 01:51PM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
April, you have done the absolute impossible. You have not only convinced me Snape/Tonks would be possible, you've made me long to read it. Wow. Gah, my heart just went out to them both. And Remus is a shifty little player here, isn't he? I can't wait to see what comes of all this.

Fleab 2004.02.06 - 07:05AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Oh, I like it!

Maddy Riddle 2004.02.06 - 12:28AM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Sounds interesting... keep writing!

gotsnape 2004.02.04 - 07:35PM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Hey! Haven't read the new story yet, but from your previous fiction, I know I am going to like this. I have already hit 'print' and my little HP deskjet is humming away. It is such a cozy feeling knowing one of your favorite authors will be entertaining you with a tale tonight. Will let you know what I think tomorrow.

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