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Reviews for The Pet

amycnorm98 2005.04.15 - 12:26PM 2: Chapter Two Signed
I've never left a review before, so here goes...I've really enjoyed this story so far, its unique and engaging. However, I'm disappointed that its not been updated/finished. I really look forward to seeing what happens to the characters (hopefully soon!)

rayvyn2k 2004.09.09 - 01:50PM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
A fantastic beginning, very intriguing with Underhanded!Lupin and Weakened!Snape. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

Heather (HJ_MD@msn.com) 2004.08.15 - 12:33AM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
I've read this before... *blank look* Is it on ff.net?

Author's Response: It's not on FF.net, but it is on Aff.net. Sorry for the long delay. I'm in the middle of writing an original novel and there has been a serious illness in my family. I do intend to finish this story.

MadAboutHarry 2004.06.21 - 04:45PM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
While I tend to prefer SS/HG pretty exclusively, this is developing well and I'm enjoying it. Please continue.

jade 2004.06.05 - 02:27AM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
I have just found this story . What you have written so far has me very interested and am looking forward to the next instalment. Also it helps that there seems to be some rl/hg/ss, I haven't read much fic about tonks though so maybe you just might get me interested in her. Hope to see the next chapter soonish.......

Kelcey 2004.05.23 - 05:04PM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
Great fic! Can't wait for more!

Aine Rowan 2004.05.19 - 11:06AM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
I like the story so far. It's intriguing. I am anxious to see how it will progress. Please don't abandon it. You really are doing a good job,

Lucie 2004.05.11 - 07:32AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
I just discovered this story and am very much intrigued by it. Hope you will update soon!

Maddy Riddle 2004.05.03 - 02:32AM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
If you keep writing like that you will convince me to like Tonks. And since I like HG/RL as much as HG/SS, I don't mind who will end up with whom :P --- I like this chapter a lot. It settles the environment very well. Now, I want to read more... but I'm a patient reader... so take all the time you need. ;)

gthistle 2004.04.28 - 03:12PM 2: Chapter Two Anonymous
Hmm. Wouldn't the site where the story is archived suggest something about the final pairings? It'll be entertaining to see how we get there, wherever "there" is, either way. :)

Author's Response: One would think so; howeverk, knowing the strength of the HG/SS ship, if I were to post at their groups and they didn't get joined in the end of the story, I would be tar and feathered! So please forgive my caustion. LOL

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