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Reviews for Sweat

dracoseverusmmm 2014.01.02 - 02:09AM 1: by Guernica Signed
What an awesome little interlude of this story. I have been troubled to see that it has not been updated in some time; I do hope you decide to finish it one day. I had the pleasure of reading this years and years ago and found it to be one of the best fanfics (one of the best stories actually) that I'd read. It would be sad not to see it complete, even if it takes you some time. But I won't say any more on this but I may just read the whole thing from start to finish (well, where it finishes) again. It has been too long since I read it.

Mallorn 2006.09.12 - 03:19PM 1: by Guernica Signed
Ooooh! This was just a perfect reading experience for me tonight. Lovely, delicious, so very much 'your' Severus. And it brought back some memories from early 'Knight Errant' as well, of course. I hope this was just the beginning, and that you'll soon have the time and inspiration to continue your epic fic.

Author's Response: Thank you! I do have an absolute ball "getting inside" the mind of (my interpretation at least) of Severus Snape. I have a lot of fun writing his interior monologues as you can probably tell. You know though, the upcoming publication of "...Deathly Hallows" and with it, the total UNnecessity of ever going back and revising KEC is making my creativity come to the forefront again...we'll see what happens!

greenwood 2006.08.24 - 10:18AM 1: by Guernica Signed
Really wonderful outtake from 'Knight..'. It is sad to think that Lucius had such a hold on her for so long before Severus had his chance. He longed for her for so long. This scene makes you remember his frustrations. Thanks for this short.

Author's Response: Thanks, Greenwood! Alas, like all women everywhere, Emily would be thrilled beyond belief if potential lovers all came with "I'm a Total Bastard, You Should Dump Me" or "Despite My Outward Crustiness, I'm a Prince of a Guy" tattooed on their foreheads. Without that, however, she can only forge on as best she can with the info she has... Thanks for the review!

LunaSnape 2006.08.24 - 09:30AM 1: by Guernica Signed
Ahhhh. So thats what he was thinking before. I just want to jump in there and tell him to "Just Do It", if I can quote the nike commercal. This was a great filler in the empty hole that is TKEC updates. *Tear* Oh well must "buck" up, lol. *LS*

Tautriadelta 2006.08.24 - 12:49AM 1: by Guernica Signed
I love it. The tension between the pair is very well written (I found myself looking for a butter knife!), and as always, I am totally enamored with your writing and characters! Hate to bug you, because I'm sure you get this question often, but when can we expect an update? I"m on my fourth reading of the story, and am dying for some new material! Not to, uh, rush you or anything! ;)

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