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Reviews for I Came to Say Thank You

cmwinters 2006.09.15 - 04:47PM 1: I Came to Say Thank You Signed
Yay Snape/Narcissa fic!! One of my favourite pairings. :P Please, do continue. :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I enjoyed the dynamic of these two. When I finish up some other projects, I would like to write a companion piece to this. I can't give any promises on how long that might take, though.

Hyaene 2006.08.01 - 07:07PM 1: I Came to Say Thank You Signed
I enjoyed it a lot! Will there be more? It is a promissing beginning! ;-)

Author's Response: Hyaene, I'm not planning on doing more that requires this one, but I have thought of doing a short fic in similar vein set after HBP. I have a few other projects to get off my plate before then though. :D

kodiak1 2006.08.01 - 02:15PM 1: I Came to Say Thank You Signed
te hehe hehe... wow!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. I like a little PWP every now and then.

greenwood 2006.07.31 - 07:24PM 1: I Came to Say Thank You Signed
Oh well done - very passionate. I thought his parting thoughts were well founded to say the least. It would be very bad news indeed if Lucius were to find out.

Author's Response: I agree it would be bad if Lucius found out. While I don't think Lucius is loyal to his marriage vows, though I could be wrong and I do write him loyal from time to time, I think he would be very upset if someone he considers a close ally was with his wife would seriously bother him. LOL It would likely be detrimental to Severus's health.

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