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Reviews for Dark Coil

Eris Elefrua 2004.02.29 - 03:40PM 14: Chapter 14 Anonymous
'The Calvary is coming.' I know it's not what you meant, but it's an interesting image. After all, when you can't bring Mahomet to the mountain... (grin)

Estrilda 2004.02.04 - 07:49AM 14: Chapter 14 Anonymous
Of course we love you - please post more so you arrive at the ones I can't find on the HB website. Please! I'm dying here.

Author's Response: Now, don't go croaking! I am running out of places to stash the bodies! I will be posting about 6 more chappies tonight. Where did you leave off? I have 41 up on fanfiction. It is such a job to switch them from one place to the next. I will, however, stick to my guns and start swapping. Glad you like the story.

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